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Today's daily energy on January 20, 2019 is mainly shaped by the preliminary influences of tomorrow's total lunar eclipse (Blood moon). At the same time, tomorrow will also represent a portal day, which will make it a day that will be extremely strong in terms of energetic quality, yes, the day itself will be pure of influences be responsible for a planetary circumstance in which the collective spirit of humanity can, and in my opinion will, experience a profound change (for this reason we will also experience strong temporary influences today).

Strong influences for now

Strong influences for nowBut that doesn't mean that all people suddenly feel completely differently in an inexplicable way, no, it refers much more to the corresponding impulses regarding our true original reason, i.e. information regarding our true being and everything that goes with it. will experience a significantly greater spread and as a result, whether on that day or in the following days (and weeks), more people will become open to relevant information. Subsequently, humanity is granted important self-knowledge and the manifestation of completely new states of consciousness is massively promoted (Instead of stuck states of consciousness consisting of limiting beliefs/beliefs, we push our boundaries and consequently expand our minds in a completely new direction). Well, ultimately this day is all about purification, transformation or, better yet, collective development. It will therefore be very helpful to us with regard to the “waking up process” and will greatly promote mental and emotional development. One could also say that we are once again brought (increased) closer to our own divine nature. After all, this is exactly a process that has been taking place for thousands of years and has now reached its final phase within these years. We are in the process of completely rediscovering our own divine nature and are freeing ourselves from all structures that stand in the way or through which we have prevented ourselves from developing accordingly (for countless incarnations). Becoming whole is therefore becoming more and more important and it is all about our own salvation, about opening our hearts, about returning to our true nature, returning to natural conditions and, above all, about creating a life that is characterized by freedom and self-determination , love, peace, tranquility, balance, divinity and independence (related to all aspects – Decoupling from the system, within the system) is embossed. Well, to come back to today, due to the strong energies at the moment, this will also bring with it corresponding impulses and therefore favor a day in which we can experience and reflect on our own development/our own state of being in a more profound way. Depending on our own level of development, we can also experience situations that in turn show us our own internal, unresolved conflicts and emotional wounds. But what exactly happens remains to be seen on the one hand and depends on each person on the other. Well, last but not least, I would like to point out yesterday again, when we had quite strong influences regarding the planetary resonance frequency (see picture below).

We were exposed to quite strong influences for almost 5 hours and the day was therefore entirely dedicated to preliminary cleansing energies. Will stronger influences regarding the planetary resonance frequency reach us today?! The probability is definitely high. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

I am happy about any support 🙂 

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