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solar eclipse

With today's daily energy on April 20, 2023, an extremely powerful event arrives as a hybrid solar eclipse reaches us tonight. In this context, hybrid solar eclipses are much rarer and reach us every ten years on average. A hybrid solar eclipse represents a combination of a total and annular solar eclipse, i.e. the moon (a new moon) positions itself completely between the earth and the sun. The entire network forms a complete synchronous line, causing the moon's complete shadow to fall on the Earth's surface. Nevertheless, at the beginning (and at the end of darkness), similar to a partial solar eclipse, the Earth from The umbra of the moon was not hit, which means that the eclipse appears ring-shaped in these two phases.

The Influences of the Solar Eclipse - Fateful Energy

darknessThe eclipse begins at 03:34 a.m. at night. At 06:17 a.m. the eclipse again reaches its total peak and at 08:59 a.m. the eclipse is completely complete. So on this night, while most people are sleeping, incredibly healing and, above all, formative influences reach us. Solar eclipses are generally always accompanied by a highly transformative effect. It is an ancient energy quality that, on the one hand, releases our innermost potential and, on the other hand, activates hidden potential within our own field or, in particular, even wants to make it visible. Be it primal conflicts on our part, through which we are closely linked to our primal psychological wounds, serious occupations or even deep longings and wishes that we have long repressed, a solar eclipse completely illuminates our system and can bring about anything (Easy → show us our progress or difficult → show our unfulfilled parts). For this reason, we often speak of days on which not only an ancient transformational force affects us, but also a fateful vibration. Events that happen on such a day carry a special meaning for the life to come. At its core, pure magic acts on us. It is the examination of our energy system, through which we can experience fundamental changes - changes through which we will take a completely new path in life. Everything that shouldn't be or that clings to us can now experience a strong release.

The perfect synchronicity

solar eclipseDue to the complete synchronicity or rather rectilinear position of all three celestial bodies, a particularly balancing energy also affects us (at least an energetic basis is created through which our system should increasingly move towards balance). Basically, it is an astrological perfection through which we are shown the absolute unity, i.e. the trinity of soul (Moon), Spirit (Sonne) and body (Earth). It is not for nothing that solar eclipses are said to have an energy quality that gives the collective a new direction and is accompanied by deep activation.

New Moon in Aries

Otherwise, the total solar eclipse will also take place in the zodiac sign Aries (the second new moon of Aries), which once again underlines the strong upswing energies and makes it clear to us that an ignition of our inner fire is truly taking place and also the end of a very important phase for us, which was about our inner creativity. After all, not only does the moon change to the zodiac sign Taurus a few hours later, but the sun also changes at 10:03 a.m. As a result, a major solar change takes place and the time of the Taurus-born begins. After the intense Aries/Fire phase, in which we were able to work very hard on ourselves and also discover new ones (life-optimizing) We have been able to establish habits and conditions, it is now a matter of continuing to pursue our goals with perseverance and persistence instead of falling back into old, damaging patterns. Of course, a Taurus season is always accompanied by more calm. Fittingly, we are just before the third month of spring and are about to enter this warmer phase of the year. Nevertheless, the main thing is that we establish or maintain healthy routines and, above all, allow consistency to flow into them. If we ground ourselves now and anchor the structures and, above all, states of consciousness within us through which we permanently experience an optimized self-image, then this will bring us extremely forward in the coming times. Due to the Mars year, this is particularly high. Nevertheless, today the hybrid solar eclipse and its highly magical influences are in the foreground. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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