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Today's daily energy on September 19, 2019 is mainly characterized by highly magical and mystical energetic influences, because on the one hand today is a portal day and on the other hand the current days are generally characterized by a highly magical mood accompanied, basically this has crystallized again enormously, especially in the last 2-3 days.

Portal day & other transformative events

Portal day & other transformative eventsIn this context, I have often pointed out in the past few days and weeks that the current days are accompanied by extreme magic. This feeling actually got stronger day by day and somehow it felt as if a huge dimensional change had taken place. Not only did one's own perception become much more sensitive, i.e. one took in everything (all levels of existence) was significantly more intense (The fact that everything is energy - everything we can perceive is a reflection of our spirit or our energy - became even more noticeable), but you yourself were also able to make incredible spiritual leaps. Despite the chaotic and intense circumstances outside, an extreme increase in frequency became apparent, allowing access to completely new worlds (Knowledge/States of Consciousness - Everything exists, - you yourself are everything, - consequently also the origin/source of everything - consequently your own origin, as the origin itself, is EVERYTHING - earth origin/Pleiades origin etc. you yourself carry everything within yourself - becomes For example, if you are aware that you come from the Pleiades, you feel it, then you have reached a frequency state in which you have resonated with this knowledge, i.e. you have created access to this information - you are for it ready: “Reading from the Akashic Records = High-frequency knowledge/impulses that you become aware of yourself/that reach you - channel: Let's practice everything every day - even if at the end of the day everything boils down to the fact that you understand yourself as the origin, that you yourself are everything, you are surrounded by everything, you have everything within you, you come from everything and everything also exists - everything else is limitation, limitation, lack - you are not something, you cannot imagine something - YOU ARE EVERYTHING - MAXIMUM FULLNESS – The highest ideas) was created. For this reason, we are currently extremely receptive and can receive the most profound impulses of all.

As more and more people awaken every day, gain new self-knowledge, gain insights into the apparent system, become aware of their own creative powers and thereby experience an increase in frequency, the entire collective spirit also experiences an increase in frequency from day to day. In the meantime, or especially in the last few weeks and days, this circumstance has reached such a great extent that we ourselves, at least from a spiritual perspective, have been catapulted into a completely new perception. And the special thing about it is that this new perception/reality is becoming more and more intense. From now on everything will change at an incredible speed..!! 

Ultimately, a massive acceleration takes place and we are catapulted into 5D at tremendous speed. Countless old structures are dissolving and we are experiencing an extreme paradigm shift in the most exciting way. And at the end of the day, today will also intensify these moods or this transition in a special way. Everything can be experienced and all impulses can reach us. We can be incredibly grateful to be able to experience all of this at the moment. Well, last but not least, I would like to add another section from the page to go with it esistallesda.de quote:

“The sixth wave with CIMI the white world bridger takes us through the period from September 16.09th. until September 28.09.2019, 19.09 and carries the power of change. The previous wave with BEN already prepared us intensively for the coming changes and clearly showed us what we need to let go of, where we limit ourselves or allow ourselves to be limited, where we make ourselves small or don't trust ourselves and where liberation is definitely necessary. This liberation brings us CIMI! It represents a bridge from the old to the new, from what no longer serves us and we are not, to what serves us and what or who we really are. It's about authenticity and honesty with yourself. Especially the portal day on September XNUMXth. with MULUC the red moon serves us for purification and deep liberation. It clears unconscious and repressed parts of our soul and the thoughts and emotions associated with them. This allows us to gain a new awareness of who we really are and who we believe we are, because MULUC works with the power of self-remembering. The ego, with all the concepts about who we are and what we are capable of, is the carrier of many emotional and mental programs. These programs within us need to be examined, because among them there are also self-sabotage programs that prevent us from recognizing and living our full potential. They are not true.”

With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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    • Irene Bender 19. September 2019, 12: 33

      Thank you, you are wonderful. With love, Medium Irene Bender.

    Irene Bender 19. September 2019, 12: 33

    Thank you, you are wonderful. With love, Medium Irene Bender.