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Today's daily energy on October 19th is characterized on the one hand by the fourth portal day, but on the other hand also by a new moon in the zodiac sign Libra. This powerful combination encourages us to go deeper into ourselves so that we can then recognize and remove old sustainable programs. As far as this is concerned, it is still about the development of our own full potential, about the acceptance/redemption of our own Shadow parts in order to be able to lead a carefree life again.

The fourth portal day + new moon in the zodiac sign Libra

The fourth portal day + new moon in the zodiac sign LibraOnly when we change our own karmic patterns, our own mental blockages or better said our own shadow parts, i.e. negative habits, behavior and sustainable structures in general, will it be possible for us to have a free and above all to create carefree life. Otherwise, we keep getting trapped in self-created vicious circles, stand in the way of our own self-realization and attract things into our lives that are in turn of an unbalanced nature (law of resonance - you always attract into your own life that which corresponds to your own charisma - that which you are and what you radiate). The current phase is forcing us humans more than ever to shed old structures in order to be able to accept new things again and to be able to legitimize important changes in our own minds again. This process is currently intensifying day by day and it is becoming more and more important that we join this phase!!! We should now address our own problems and discard all of our sustainable behaviors and thought processes and begin restructuring our own subconscious. Today's portal day could even help us with this because of the new moon in Libra, as the current star constellation generally awakens a certain urge for freedom in us. The new moon in Libra gives us harmonious, peaceful and, above all, energies that represent balance.

Use today's new moon to gain a deeper insight into your own mental life. Deal with your own shadow parts, look at them and use the changing times to restructure your own life..!!

At the same time, Uranus is also about to renew the moon, in opposition to the sun. This Uranus constellation also causes old things or old, sustainable structures to collapse and can definitely support us in our efforts to rebuild something new. For this reason, we should also use the potential of this constellation, should go back into ourselves and initiate important changes based on our urge for freedom. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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