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lunar eclipse

Today's daily energy on November 19th is characterized by an extremely powerful event, because on the one hand a full moon in the zodiac sign Taurus will be manifest at 10:02 a.m., on the other hand a partial lunar eclipse will reach us at the same time, to be precise it is even the longest partial lunar eclipse for centuries, because the entire eclipse runs up to 6 hours, which is said to have last taken place around 600 years ago. Thus, a strong influx of energy will reach us for several hours, because the moon and solar eclipse in particular are not only associated with a strong basic frequency, but both events generally also stand for impressive aspects in this regard, which in turn can be brought to light in ourselves.

Lunar eclipse energy

Lunar eclipse energy

The moon enters the earth's shadow around 06:00, causing the partial lunar eclipse. It then reaches its peak between 09:00 and 10:00 and ends at 12:00 (Incidentally, the lunar eclipse can hardly be seen in our Central European countries, but otherwise almost everywhere in the world, i.e. in North and South America, Europe and large parts of Asia). The moon also often appears reddish (which is why people like to talk about a blood moon here), as a few rays of the sun, despite the obscuration, are diverted from the Earth's atmosphere to the lunar surface. Nevertheless, apart from the magical spectacle, the incredible power of this special event is in the foreground. The darkening, for that matter, also stands for a temporary darkening of our feminine aspects (Moon = feminine parts | We carry both within us, female and male energies), which will be highlighted in this context. Regardless of this, the darkening of the moon generally also stands for an uncovering of our deepest inner unfulfillments, darkening and conflicts, which are now being illuminated, a circumstance that always sets a strong healing process in motion at the end of the day, a healing of our energy system. For this reason, a partial lunar eclipse is associated with uncovering deeply hidden conflicts, making us more capable of unfolding our true potential and powers. It is the exposure and confrontation with ancient patterns that enables us to actively transform our unfulfillments.

Sun in the zodiac sign Scorpio

For this reason, earlier advanced cultures always attributed a very strong potential to a lunar eclipse. Nothing happens without a reason and basically everything has an energetic influence on us. And since the moon is also in the zodiac sign Taurus (only at 15:36 p.m. does he change to the zodiac sign Gemini), we can then also become more aware of deep-seated habits, i.e. daily routines and stressful actions that we otherwise like to suppress or let move into the background. Then there is the fact that the sun is still in the zodiac sign Scorpio. The energetically strong zodiac sign "stabs" into our wounds or into our inner world and will therefore again increase the general effect of the lunar eclipse, because hardly anything can bring out as much in us as is the case with the zodiac sign Scorpio . Well then, one way or the other, a special day is reaching us today in terms of frequency and we can assume that codes and impulses will reach us that will activate countless processes in our energetic system. Another important one within the current ascension process is therefore before us. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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