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Today's daily energy on November 19, 2017 represents our own emotional injuries and the associated creation of a state of consciousness in which we no longer have to constantly succumb to these injuries. So these injuries - which we ultimately allowed, i.e. legitimized in our own minds - stand in the way of the creation of a high-vibration and, above all, independent state of consciousness, at least in an indirect way.

From the darkness into the light

Experience the darkIn this context, all of our shadow parts, all of our hurt feelings and mental pain are an indication of our “lost” divinity. So they simply show us our own emotional problems, signal to us that we are not centered, that we are not in balance (not in harmony with ourselves) and that we are not currently living out our connection to the divine source, that we are on the Standing still and having lost our love for ourselves in some way. For this reason, shadows and general mental blockages are also important for our own mental and emotional development, because only when we experience the dark does our soul rise, we become stronger and appreciate the light again, even begin to look for the light long (It is the darkness that lifts us to the stars). So it is usually absolutely necessary to encounter the darkness in life and to taste its dark nectar. When it comes to this, we humans usually learn the greatest lessons in life through pain. Of course, such a time can always be very oppressive and it is precisely then that we often have the feeling of being lost, may not see any light at the end of the horizon and do not understand why this is happening to us, why we have to endure so much suffering. Nevertheless, at this point it is always important to carry on and understand that afterwards you will emerge stronger from this shadow as a figure of light. As soon as we humans get through dark times (no matter how painful they may be), we will gain inner strength, self-control and spiritual power.

The strongest people, even spiritual teachers or even ascended masters, went through dark times in their lives full of pain, suffering and other disagreements. In order to become a master of your own incarnation again, it is absolutely necessary, or rather generally necessary, to experience the darkness..!!

We have seen the greatest abysses and know what it means to experience suffering, we have overcome/survived our shadows and are emotionally and spiritually much more stable than before. Nothing can shake us so easily or even throw us off course anymore and we ourselves are then aware of our own newfound strength and radiate this power. For this reason, we should definitely keep this “from darkness into light” principle in mind today. Due to the strong energies of the Sagittarius Moon and the “chaos-causing” square between Mars and Pluto (hard tension aspect), which can really cause a mental imbalance and make us become more disappointed more quickly, we could generally be inclined to a negative mood. Become aware today that experiencing darkness is sometimes absolutely necessary and can be very beneficial for our own mental and spiritual well-being. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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