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new moon

With today's daily energy on May 19, 2023, the energies of a special new moon are reaching us (at 17: 53 clock), because today's new moon is in the zodiac sign Taurus and directly opposite is the sun, which is also in the zodiac sign Taurus. Thus, today's quality goes hand in hand with a strong grounding influence. Things that we are currently pursuing, for example new projects or the manifestation of a new circumstance in general, can very easily manifest, or rather solidify, under the energy of this cosmic constellation. In this regard, we could also speak of a fertile soil on which we can perfectly sow important and special thoughts.

New Moon in Taurus - Grounding

New moon in Taurus - closeness to natureOn the other hand, this grounding new moon, which is especially geared towards spring, also encourages us to connect with nature. In this way we can draw strong energy from nature, whereby we not only ground ourselves internally, but also charge ourselves in order to be able to create new circumstances based on our origin. After all, the Taurus energy likes to draw us to places where we feel at home - one reason why Taurus people are particularly fond of devoting themselves to their own homes. Regardless of this, our origins always go hand in hand with spending time in nature. Be it beaches, forests or even large lakes, nature is a source of pure healing and always triggers feelings of contentment in us.

Draw into nature

And since we are currently in the spring awakening, which is incidentally particularly strong this year (Not only me, but also friends of mine noticed that nature has really exploded in the last two weeks, sometimes even to an extent that we haven't experienced in a long time. For example, within a short period of time I felt like I no longer recognized my forest), we should definitely go into nature and recharge our batteries accordingly. As I said, spending time in nature is always accompanied by great healing potential. We enter directly into a harmonious vibrational field that immediately affects our biochemistry. In addition, we breathe cleaner or more natural air and can harvest medicinal plants, i.e. the most healing food of all (full of chlorophyll, biophotons and energy).

Ten portal days - days of change

Ten portal days in a rowOtherwise, today is also accompanied by another magical event, because today marks the beginning of a ten-day portal day phase. Until May 28th, we will therefore pass through a wide open portal, through which we will again make a strong change in our own current spiritual be experienced. It's ten days after all one after the other, in which we embark on a great journey, a journey that will lead us all even deeper to our true being and generally benefits the collective awakening process. Due to the new moon energy that is swinging in today, these 10 days are therefore really geared towards a new beginning. In the coming days, a lot can change in our lives or we can lay the foundations for a completely new life and state of consciousness. And in line with this, the phase ends with the last days of spring, i.e. this series of portal days leads us straight into summer. So let's welcome the first portal day along with the Taurus new moon and look forward to these special 10 days just as much. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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