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Today's daily energy on May 19, 2022 is, on the one hand, shaped by the influences of the second May portal day, but on the other hand, the moon in the zodiac sign Capricorn also affects us and thus gives us energies of the earth element (Only tomorrow will the Aquarius energies flow into us). So we can also use the passage through this second portal to energize ourselves to ground ourselves with the help of the Capricorn energies and, above all, to integrate all the impulses that flowed into our own field on the days of the total lunar eclipse.

Grounding and rooting

Grounding and rootingIn this regard, the earth element is also perfect for such consolidation. In this context, the element earth or Capricorn is generally always accompanied by the favorable absorption of roots or, better said, the root is the present plant component within a Capricorn phase. And in this regard, the current high or rather late spring phase is the perfect time to ground yourself now and harvest roots from nature. After all, there is a whole range of medicinal plants in nature whose roots are not only edible, but also have an incredibly wide range of medicinal properties. The roots of the carnation root (which, in keeping with the name, also tastes like cloves) or even the powerful healing root of five-fingerwort, which is said to cure countless diseases. In keeping with the currently incredibly large fields of garlic mustard, it should be said that its root is also edible. The root is even very easy to harvest. If you pull the stem of the garlic mustard with a little force, you will pull out these medicinal plants along with the roots (Therefore, always harvest the leaves and flowers of the garlic mustard very carefully and carefully to avoid unnecessary uprooting).

Garlic mustard root

The root itself has highly potent medicinal substances such as natural oils and also tastes extremely strongly of horseradish. Well, while we are in these energetically very intense days, accompanied by the waning Capricorn Moon, it is now a perfect opportunity to absorb additional grounding energies into ourselves in this way. As I said, since the blood moon we have truly been in an energetic high phase that will take us into summer. All conditions are intensified and today's second portal day certainly wants to take us into a new level. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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