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Today's daily energy on May 19, 2021 is characterized on the one hand by the moon in the zodiac sign Leo, which in turn shows itself to us at exactly 21:12 p.m. in its crescent shape and accordingly sends us energies of balance and unity, on the other hand it changes Moon then at 22:59 p.m. in the zodiac sign Virgo and last but not least the general transformation and energetic ones that pull into the origin qualities appeal to us. In this context, the past ten-day portal phase (which in turn ended yesterday) literally lead us into a completely new dimension.

Strong crescent energies

The manifestation of the divine kingdomUltimately, we also spent 10 days wandering through a significant, large portal, which is why countless new worlds, or rather new ideas, were revealed to us, which we were then able to travel with our minds. In some cases, we were even able to experience a real fireworks display of insights and impulses and we were re-centered in this regard. Due to the energetic diversity (many incoming frequencies), a huge update reached the collective spirit, i.e. new 5D structures became manifest in the background, which in turn initiated an inner realignment and centering. This huge influx of energy and, above all, the installation of new high-frequency information was also illustrated by strong planetary resonance frequency fluctuations and generally very stormy weather conditions. Resonant frequency updatesMany regions were repeatedly accompanied by small showers and thunderstorms. In some places there were only a few flashes of lightning (without a subsequent thunderstorm), which felt like they released important energies. Well, ultimately it was again a very harmonious and transcending phase, which is now slowly but surely preparing us for the next full moon and also for the coming month of fertility and abundance. And in this context we can make this coming abundance manifest on all levels of existence.

The manifestation of the divine kingdom

As in previous daily energy articles and my last one important video As mentioned, a huge change is taking place across our world, the ultimate goal of which is the complete development of our truest and deepest core. It's about entering the Kingdom of God, i.e. that we spiritually reconnect ourselves with divine ideas and therefore divine self-images, instead of small/earthly/materially oriented self-images. God can only return when, on the one hand, we find God in ourselves, let him come to life in ourselves and also see and recognize him in the external world (You yourself are everything, everything is yourself, there is no separation from the external world - it is much more our inner world projected onto the external world). The more we are spiritually anchored in divine images and ideas during the day, the more we allow divinity/God to recur in the world (Law of Resonance & The Law of Correspondence - You create what corresponds to the image of yourself & like inside, so outside, like outside, so inside). The Kingdom of God, i.e. the maintenance and daily, permanent travel to divine worlds and self-images, goes hand in hand with maximum healing and fulfillment. However, massive divisions are taking place within the self-created earth game and we are being tried with all our might to stay away from the kingdom of God, in other words, in which we should rather focus on the bad things in the world. For this reason, there has never been as much division as is currently the case. We should rather focus on shadowy circumstances, on negative information and reporting, i.e. on wars, rocket attacks, vaccinations, the satanic NWO or, on the other side, on supposed deniers and conspirators, rather than on images of holiness.

Let a divine world come to life

It's a pure battle about us directing our valuable energy towards destructive ideas, which in the end ends up harming ourselves (our thoughts/feelings affect our cell environment) and since the external world represents a direct image of ourselves, we also harm the external world, especially since our stay in destructive ideas ultimately only keeps a reality of destructiveness alive or allows it to thrive. For this reason, it is more important than ever that we truly learn to shift our focus to divine images, which in turn allows us to manifest a divine world. So let's take advantage of today's crescent moon and practice immersing ourselves in divine ideas across the board. After all, the crescent moon wants to center us completely or lead us back to our inner center and the day is perfect for shifting our own attention. Well, finally, I would like to refer you again to the video mentioned above (The Highest Level of Knowledge Part 5: Entry into the Kingdom of God!!!), in which I go into detail about entering the divine kingdom. In this regard, it is also the most important video that I have made so far and I can only highly recommend it to each of you. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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