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Today's daily energy on May 19, 2020 will be shaped on the one hand by the final influences of the Aries Moon, and on the other hand by the lingering influences of the portal day or the generally still strong influences Ascension energy and on the other hand from an energy quality that I only found out about yesterday, namely an annual Pleiades "gateway" energy through which we are flooded with a strong light frequency, which certainly massively increases the collective awakening and on which on the other hand is accompanied by increased heart opening (The fact that such an influx also takes place in May doesn't bother me - May is always one of the most transformative months of all).

Pleiades Gateway

As far as this is concerned, a corresponding opening of the heart is also one of the most important pillars that we can make manifest in the current times. In itself, an overarching opening of the heart is even at the center of what is happening, because only with an open heart is the possibility created To expand your mind in completely new or previously unknown directions, otherwise there will always be a rejection that prevents yourself from thinking outside the box. The Pleiades influences will therefore certainly reactivate the heart energy of many people (Heart Intelligence – one of the most powerful abilities that can be harnessed/activated and lies deep within every human being/creator) and at the same time bring the knowledge about one's own spiritual origins and, above all, about the increasingly failing pseudo-system into the collective. At this point I would also like to remove sections regarding the Pleiades Gateway from the site love-the-whole.blogspot.com quote

“For those who may not know, the Pleiades are a group of stars known as the Seven Sisters. These “sisters” glow in the night in a way that makes them hard to ignore. There is much speculation about the Pleiades in general, but one cannot deny the celestial powers that the bodies in space possess. If YOU are an energy conscious being, you can certainly already feel this portal and the energies moving towards us. This portal opens around the same time every year, from May 16th to 24th. Although we do not yet know what these energies will have in store for each of us, we energy sensitive beings can sense that it is extremely positive.

The energies that this portal brings with it when it opens are out of this world and incomparable to anything else. They help us learn more about ourselves and the people in our lives. And they help us see the wonderful world we call home as it should be seen. These energies will not be around for long, so we should do our best to make the most of them. Allow these energies to help you heal, grow and thrive over time. Please do not close yourself to the lessons they offer you and if you find the time, meditate on these energies. The Pleiades will help us all deal with the things we are still struggling with.”

Well, until May 24th we will experience a strong transformation energy and cleanse a lot of heavy energies on our part in this regard (which allows us to create more space for more light feelings, thoughts and behavior). And then there will be a highlight on May 22nd, because then we will reach a new moon in the zodiac sign Gemini, which will intensify the change within May to the maximum. In this sense, the realization of our divine core is becoming ever greater. The process comes to fruition. Stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂
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