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Today's daily energy on March 19, 2018 is still shaped by the influences of the moon in the zodiac sign Aries, which is why we could not only continue to be very energetic - i.e. have significantly more energy than usual - but we are also in an even more responsible mood. On the other hand, we could start the new one Week to have much more developed judgment and to be very perceptive overall.

Strong judgment

Strong judgmentIn this context, the week begins directly with a harmonious constellation, namely with a conjunction (neutral/planet-dependent angular relationship - 0°) between the Moon and Mercury (in the zodiac sign Aries), which also represents a good starting point and basis for all business. Thanks to the pronounced mental abilities that come with it, we could achieve a lot in the morning. Technical work projects quickly bear fruit and success will definitely be a given, at least we are more alert than usual, which is very beneficial to our work. In combination with the moon in the zodiac sign Aries, we experience an interesting start to the week in which we can achieve a lot, at least if we get involved with the energies or are even receptive to them. The lunar constellations have a not insignificant influence on our state of consciousness, but, as I have often mentioned in my articles, they are in no way significantly responsible for our mood. Our current state of mind is much more a product of our current state of consciousness and we generally attract into our lives the circumstances/conditions with which we resonate in terms of frequency. Albert Einstein said the following: “Everything is energy and that is everything. Align the frequency with the reality you want and you will get it without being able to do anything about it. There can be no other way. That's not philosophy, that's physics." That means it depends on us which reality we adapt to in terms of frequency, because we are the creators of our own living conditions. The influences of the Moon/Mercury conjunction and also the Aries Moon are therefore present and we could not only have sharpened senses, but also increased judgment if we get involved with the influences and go along with them vibrationally.

A person's life is a product of his own mental state. Since our mind is made up of energy that vibrates at a corresponding frequency, we attract into our lives that which corresponds to the frequency of our mental state. Our spiritual orientation therefore always determines the further course of our lives..!!

The same applies to the next constellation that takes effect. As far as this is concerned, at 10:05 a.m. we reach a square (disharmonic angular relationship - 90°) between the Moon and Pluto (in the zodiac sign Capricorn), which could trigger an extreme emotional life and severe inhibitions in us. On the other hand, this square could also trigger a certain depression in us. Last but not least, another conjunction will take effect at 20:28 p.m. between the Moon and Uranus (in the zodiac sign Aries), which in turn promotes a lack of inner balance. At the beginning of the day, at least in the morning, there are quite harmonious influences, but throughout the rest of the day the influences become a little more disharmonious. But how we deal with the corresponding influences depends entirely on ourselves and the use of our own mental abilities. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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Star Constellations Source: https://www.schicksal.com/Horoskope/Tageshoroskop/2018/Maerz/19

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