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Today's daily energy on June 19, 2020 is mainly shaped by the now strongly noticeable influences of the coming summer solstice and is therefore already giving us an unexpectedly strong and, above all, light energy. In this context, I can only point out again that that the annual summer solstice generally stands for the day of the year on which the sun shines the longest or, better said, on which the day is the longest and the night is the shortest, i.e. it is a day on which the light is present for the longest time .


Only one more day until the summer solsticeThis symbolism alone is extremely powerful and shows us what an extremely bright day the summer solstice is. The fact that an annular solar eclipse reaches us the very next day, accompanied by a new moon, also draws our attention to what an energetically violent constellation we are reaching. As I said, the days are currently becoming increasingly stormy and the planetary awakening on our planet has taken on enormous proportions. Questioning the world, the apparent system and, above all, one's own life is increasingly penetrating the collective spirit and in the first half of 2020 the MOST SIGNIFICANT LEAPS of all were made in this regard. Basically, the first six months changed everything and steered the collective towards a golden age. We are therefore in the beginning stages of the coming golden age that is slowly becoming manifest and are therefore experiencing a massive collective expansion towards this age from day to day.

We are all currently ushering in the golden age

And of course, that golden age can only come when we initiate this age within ourselves (as inside, so outside - the world only changes when we change ourselves - the golden age only comes when we have the feeling of this age - abundance, love, peace, wisdom and co. let it become manifest within ourselves), but that is exactly what is happening at the moment, because as more people awaken day by day, increase their frequency, commit more light actions and, above all, maintain a more light state of consciousness overall, we are all, whether consciously or unconsciously, leading one to abundance and truth based era. We are therefore inevitably heading towards a golden age, it is simply incredible. Well, tomorrow will be one of the brightest days ever. This day will be another massive change/5D installation (5D = High Frequency/Light/Abundance Structures/New World etc.) and ushers in a new cycle within spiritual awakening. It's like I did yesterday Daily Energy Article had quoted:

“A new time-frequency. June 20-21, 2020, the Planetary-Galactic Axis Activation/Solstice-Solar Eclipse-Galactic Equator alignment is very rare, joining Stonehenge, the Pyramid of Giza, with overlapping cycles and is the entry into the 2012 Stargate that we started syncing and engaging with years ago. In 2012 we began a new 144.000 day cycle (that's almost 400 years), a 7.200 day cycle, a planetary synchronization with the 13th Gate/13th Gate. Heaven and thus bringing in the consciousness of the new, (almost) 13.00 year cycle.

The 8-year cycle from 2012-2020 is related to Venus. The integration of a new time-frequency began years ago - and is now becoming a human event on a larger scale, in the mental, spiritual and physical realms. We are moving into a new time segment/fractal of time, releasing a distorted time frequency that we have created based on our way of thinking.” 

The energy that reaches us is incredibly strong and will enrich us all incredibly. In this context, I also have to admit that yesterday (which started out very stormy and tiring - just like the previous days, at least in terms of storminess), especially towards the evening, felt an incredible harmony - the precursors of the brightest day can therefore clearly already be felt (I really felt important things coming together and immediately thought of the summer solstice). Well, before I end this daily energy article, I would like to point out my latest video in which I discussed the topic of healing stones and orgonites. Appropriately and, above all, completely unplanned, I covered this beforehand MEDICINAL plants theme (which represents ancient knowledge) and now the HEILstein topic (also ancient knowledge). I felt the connection while I uploaded the healing stone video. That's why, even if I only covered basic knowledge (The topic is extremely in-depth - I will also acquire more information about it myself), the information in the video is still very, very exciting. With this in mind, the video will be linked below. Stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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