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daily energy

Today's daily energy on July 19, 2017 favors the creation of our own new structures, can ensure that we are more communicative, more disciplined and, above all, more creative. In this context, the planet Mercury is also favorable to Saturn, which in turn strongly promotes structured thinking and self-discipline. Ultimately, this can therefore also have a very positive effect on our own job or other activities. Apart from that, today it is still about our own being, about our own personal needs, the realization of a positively oriented state of consciousness and the associated creation of a balanced inner state.

Active action is the priority

Promote creativityThe moon is otherwise still in its waning phase, which lasts until July 23rd, when another new moon will reach us again. In this regard, the new moon + the waning moon phase in particular represents the opportunity to face new challenges. In earlier times, the new moon was always sowing time. Nowadays, new moons or waning moon phases are also ideal for this. At the same time, such a phase is always an opportunity to implement new projects. Whether these are projects that have been planned for a long time, i.e. ideas that we have been putting off implementing for a few months or even projects that we have been wanting to put into practice for countless years, today is the perfect opportunity for one to do so to find the beginning. In this regard, some people still find it difficult to take active action. We often daydream, plan a lot mentally, strive to realize certain life situations, but often fail to implement them and thus put everything off. We find it very difficult to become active, to take action and even to find a start. For this reason, today is the perfect day to put things like this into practice. For this reason, we can achieve a lot today and should therefore also use the influences of the day's energy to put long-planned projects into action. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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