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Today's daily energy on January 19, 2020 continues to be shaped by the strong influences of the past few days and therefore strengthens our highest self-image even more strongly or even promotes a beginning experience of the highest self-image, i.e. the revival of one's own divine self-image (God Himself). In this regard, the energetic circumstances on our planet have escalated in the past few days, which has massively promoted a corresponding return to ourselves.

Continued strong light pulses

Continued strong light pulsesThe strong fluctuations on the diagram of the Russian Space Observing Center, i.e. the violent anomalies regarding the planetary resonance frequency, always indicate corresponding shifts. On the one hand, the collective mass consciousness is flooded with strong light impulses - a circumstance that completely flushes our energy system (and as a result, old burdens/shadows are transported into our state of consciousness for cleansing - This enables us to align our inner space with abundance/light instead of with lack/darkness) and on the other hand, or rather as a result of this, humanity becomes significantly more sensitive, experiences an increased opening of the heart and begins to develop an interest in information that it previously strongly rejected.

Planetary resonance frequency

We are currently experiencing the effects of an extremely violent energy/light wave that has fostered powerful spiritual upheavals and in the process initiated a massive planetary ascension. It is the most valuable phase of all. Everything changes - pure magic!!!!

The greatest development of all is currently taking place and mass consciousness has been increasing since the beginning of the golden decade (as an expression of our own creative spirit - you yourself are everything and everything is yourself - only when we ascend internally/spiritually does mass consciousness also ascend) into extremely high states. It is hardly possible to escape this huge explosion.

As the creator in whom everything is anchored, you yourself are the main initiator, which is why a light/paradise planetary circumstance can only become manifest when we let this light/paradise come to life within ourselves. As I said, everything that exists, every person, every atom, every planet, every universe, every creator, does not exist outside of us, but within us - they are all aspects of our own minds, they are expressions , which we have created ourselves as creators and which therefore exist within ourselves. There is therefore no separation, because everything takes place ONLY within ourselves. We are connected to everything. Our own inner state therefore permanently exerts an influence on the entire existence..!!

Well, today will therefore continue the most magical energetic circumstance and take us even deeper into our own creator consciousness. We have crossed the threshold of the divine, we have passed through the gate of awakening and now follows the manifestation of our highest divine spirit on all levels of existence. As I said, God returned at the beginning of this decade as we became aware of it that we ourselves are the creator of all things, the creator of everything, GOD!!! In the coming time, therefore, the highest image of ourselves will be manifested throughout the world. The light is returning and we will experience the greatest upheaval in human history. With that in mind, enjoy this climb!! Stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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