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Today's daily energy on January 19, 2019 is particularly influenced by the moon, which in turn changed to the zodiac sign Cancer at 04:40 a.m. and has since given us influences that have made us in a much more spiritual mood overall could be. On the other hand, the “Cancer Moon” always provides us with an energy quality that allows us to relax significantly more or to indulge in peace (appropriate mental orientation assuming or favoring calm states of mind, - own ability to resonate).

Surrender to your own soul life

Surrender to your own soul lifeIn this context, the moon in the zodiac sign Cancer is generally associated with a pleasant or relaxing energy quality and can allow us to immerse ourselves more deeply in our own mental life. As far as this is concerned, our mental life is currently in the foreground anyway, simply because we are experiencing massive further development within the collective awakening and the process has therefore, as already mentioned in yesterday's daily energy article, felt to have taken on completely new dimensions. This is our own soul life, accompanied by the rediscovery of our own spiritual origins (everything arises from our own spirit, we ourselves represent the source, the space in which everything happens, thrives and is experienced) or our own true nature, is an unavoidable process, simply because a large part of humanity is self-taught and immerses itself in completely new/high-frequency states of consciousness (Fundamental change in one's own worldview, - opening of one's own mind/heart). The moon in the zodiac sign Cancer will therefore allow us to experience our own mental life in a much more profound way, especially if we are open about it and can subsequently resonate with the influences. Ultimately, the influences will generally be even more noticeable, especially since not only was yesterday a portal day (high-frequency energetic movements), but we are also moving towards another portal day on January 21st, 2019. The moon will then reach also its complete form, i.e. a full moon reaches us, which is accompanied by a total lunar eclipse (blood moon).

Trust your heart. Appreciate their intuition. Choose to let go of fear and open yourself to the truth and you will awaken to freedom, clarity and joy in being. – Mooji..!!

As has already been mentioned several times, this day will once again hold enormous potential for us and will immensely accelerate the collective awakening process (the frequency peak this month). And since the days before and after such an event also have a special energy quality, we will certainly experience today's lunar influences more strongly than usual and will also (consciously) enter into our own spiritually shaped creative power. During the total lunar eclipse, the moon is in the zodiac sign Leo, which is why this day will have its own unique aspects, at least in this regard (a corresponding article will follow). Well, last but not least, I would like to draw attention to a new video of mine, which was published yesterday evening. I specifically addressed the topic of water and how you can restore the vitality of water. Apart from this, a few other topics were also touched on, some of them related to this. With this in mind, friends, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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