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Today's daily energy on February 19, 2021 is mainly shaped by the influences of the waxing moon, which not only enters the zodiac sign Gemini (element air) changes, but also changes into its “crescent shape” at 19:46 p.m., which is why we get a very appropriate and, above all, in unison energy quality in this context. In this regard, the crescent also stands for duality, for dark and light, for male and female, with all dualistic parts ultimately forming unity, perfection and wholeness as a whole.

Bringing dual aspects into harmony

Reconcile dualsThe zodiac sign Gemini also conforms to this, so in a certain way the zodiac sign also stands for two different aspects that still essentially represent the same thing, complement each other and together form a magical unity. In addition, there is the twin flame circumstance, which is triggered in particular by the twin star sign, i.e. the healing of the deep soul relationship with oneself, because the twin soul represents a part within one's own mind/body/soul that has not yet become manifest System, which in turn is sought for completion in the form of the corresponding twin. The twin, which we often manifest or would like to manifest in the form of a partner, at the end of the day represents the outer world as a direct mirror of our own inner world. As a creator himself who, as is so often mentioned, creates everything in existence in that he himself formed ideas about circumstances etc. and therefore made the corresponding circumstances come true, embodies the dual principle perfectly. The outer world and the inner world, which in turn are not subject to separation but are much more one. Today's twin crescent moon can therefore challenge us like no other to recognize the unity and perfection of our lives or even to ultimately revive a corresponding perfection. Whether male or female parts, whether light and shadow or even the outer world and inner world, everything wants to return to its natural balance and be experienced by us as a whole (as I said, there is no separation, with nothing and also with no one - everything is one and one is everything).

The Cleansing of February

Well, ultimately today's special Gemini Crescent influences can benefit us greatly and represent another highlight of this HIGHLY CLEANSING month. In this regard, I would also like to point out again that February stands for cleansing and transformation like no other month. I myself have been doing this in the past few days (In which, by the way, there are no daily energy articles published because, on the one hand, I am very intensively involved Urquelle Project was deepened, but on the other hand I also faced deep conflicts on my part and experienced a lot of cleansing in the process) also experienced a lot of healing and was able to close deep wounds on my part or release large parts of myself that had previously been blocked. The focus for me was particularly on the topic of relationships and the associated healing of a special bond (3D to 5D Transformation – It was like a blessing, came out of the blue and ended exactly on the last day of the cold snap). I can't say much more about it at the moment, simply because this healed aspect and, above all, the knowledge that comes with it still needs to be consolidated more, but I can say that relevant information will follow. Otherwise, the days went by very quickly and many new impulses reached the collective. In addition, the Chinese New Year was initiated on February 12th with the ox or the buffalo, to be precise with the metal buffalo, which, for example. stands for stability, security, perseverance and strength. On the other hand, it stands for prosperity, luck and can, if necessary, promote investments (“Bull Markets – Bullish Behavior”?). Well, in the end, the past few days were highly magical and once again ushered in a special energetic change. As I said, the current phase represents healing like never before and we are all asked to bring the relationship with ourselves into healing, divinity and harmony. Only then can we create a world in which this can come true. With that in mind, enjoy today's half moon day. Stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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