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Full moon

Today's daily energy on February 19, 2019 is mainly shaped by the full moon in the zodiac sign Virgo, which is why today will be significantly stormier and possibly more revealing. In this context, the full moon represents another highlight for this month, especially after the previous portal day phase.

Powerful full moon in the zodiac sign Virgo

Powerful full moon in the zodiac sign VirgoIn this regard, I completely ignored the full moon, which was paradoxical even though I was able to observe the moon phase outdoors every day due to the clear weather conditions. Nevertheless, the full moon brings with it immense healing potential and can not only flush out our entire mind/body/spirit system, but also allow us to experience patterns and moods that have either been holding us back from abundance for some time, or through which we sensing a circumstance/state of abundance within us. For that matter, the full moon, as the name suggests, is also associated with abundance, completion, wholeness and perfection. The moon shows itself in its full form and accordingly its influences affect us in a stronger way. The very fact that the moon is visible in this form and its light illuminates the night sky shows us its perfect influences. For this reason, we should also take advantage of these influences and listen more closely to ourselves, depending on the topics we are currently working on or depending on our own spiritual orientation. Maybe we reflect on ourselves and keep our development process in mind. Especially in the current phase of spiritual awakening, we are all making enormous progress and experiencing massive spiritual prosperity, accompanied by an unprecedented spiritual expansion. We should therefore never make ourselves small or constantly see ourselves in a bad light, quite the opposite. In recent years we have been able to initiate huge changes and develop enormously. There are certainly circumstances that show us the extent to which we have attracted more abundance, despite shadowy circumstances that are still going on and are keeping a lot of people busy.

Aware of the suffering that comes from careless speech and the inability to listen to others, I vow to develop loving speech and attentive, compassionate listening in order to bring joy and happiness to those around me and to help ease their worries. – Thich Nhat Hanh..!!

The process towards fullness and becoming aware of our wholeness/perfection is becoming ever greater and the full moon can now show us exactly that because of its perfect shape. The moon also goes through similar phases and reflects this principle perfectly. At the beginning he is shrouded in darkness and reveals little light. But over time it becomes more and more visible in the night sky, taking on an ever more luminous form, until (for us) it has assumed its completely luminous form. We humans also go through this transformation and we are in the process of taking on a correspondingly light form. We therefore go beyond all our boundaries, cast off all limitations and increasingly recognize that we are divine beings who are also finding their way back to their divine origins. Well, last but not least, the zodiac sign Virgo is worth mentioning again in this regard, because the moon changes into the zodiac sign at 15:44 p.m., which is why the full moon brings with it additional influences that go hand in hand with the zodiac sign Virgo. At this point I also quote a passage regarding the Virgo Full Moon from the page danielahutter.com:

Virgo is well known for her accuracy and seems to want to scrutinize closely. 

This full moon energy is truly ideal for sorting, cleaning and tidying up. Well, everyone who knows the craze for plaster now has a good reason. This means that the energies can also show up outside. But it is precisely the moon that leads us into our inner world and activates the same actions there: tidy up, sort, let go, clean up.

What actually? First Order into chaos. Maybe at the level of your feelings.

Moon opens the door, Virgo creates order.

The Virgo Full Moon brings many opportunities to take a close look at dreamy feelings:

  • Could it be that you've lost your way?
  • Have you hit the emotional dead end?
  • Is it time to turn around and decide on a different direction?
  • Or ……….. if you feel it now, in peace …………. Then everything is in order, as it is?

The Virgo full moon brings light, shows structure and path and thus the apparent chaos (including that of feelings) opens up to order. 

With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

I am grateful for any support 

Joy of the day on February 19, 2019 – Free yourself from your fear
joy of life

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