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Today's daily energy on August 19, 2017 signals to us that all structures are still changing. The current energetic influences continue to be as strong as never before. In May it also started about in this regard. In this month a drastic energetic increase began, which up to the present day has not been achieved at all way is flattened. We experience strong energetic increases every day and the spiritual change is manifesting itself stronger than ever on our planet.

Strong energetic influences since May – spirit of optimism

Strong energetic influences since May - spirit of optimismThe fact that 2017 is a key year, in which the battle between ego and soul reaches its climax, is also clearly noticeable in this context. Never before have we humans been so strongly confronted with our own shadow parts, never before have our own programs anchored in the subconscious been detached and brought before our eyes, never before has there been such a strong spirit of optimism as is currently the case. Mankind is currently developing mentally and emotionally, faster and stronger than ever before, which can also be observed on all levels of existence. Ultimately, this heightened vibrational condition also causes us to feel like time is just flying by. Everything moves much faster, the days go by much faster and the individual seasons change at an impressive pace. Time is relative, just a construct of our own mind, a construct that is firstly maintained by it and secondly by every human being, in an individual way. Because of the very high level of vibration, it seems to many people at the moment that time is just flying by. Everything moves much faster, and while we often feel that we might stall or stand still, it's important to know that this is absolutely not the case. So much is currently happening on an immaterial/spiritual level that it is almost impossible to grasp. Everything is changing at tremendous speed and the "power imbalance" is also shifting more and more and is increasingly being balanced.

Due to the newly begun Age of Aquarius and the associated collective awakening, the power elite is losing more and more footing. In return, more and more people are becoming aware of their own mental abilities..!!

The lords of the planet, those responsible for the chaotic planetary circumstance, are losing power and for this reason are aware that their time is up. They know they can no longer hold the system based on disinformation and deception, just as they know that the collective awakening is unstoppable. It is therefore only a matter of time before a huge revolution reaches us and the spiritual change manifests itself completely on our planet. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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