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daily energy

Today's daily energy on September 18 is under the energy of the Sun. For this reason we can look forward to an energetic expression today, which in turn stands for vitality, activity, success, optimism, harmony and euphoria. In this context, the sun also symbolizes pure life force/vitality and is an expression of life energy that makes everything shine from the inside out. Ultimately, this principle can also be wonderfully transferred to us humans, because if we humans are happy,satisfied and, above all, self-loving, then we humans radiate this attitude, this positive feeling and, as a result, also inspire our outer world.

Connection to nature

Daily energy - sun

In this context, the outer world is only a mirror of our own inner state and vice versa (universal principle of correspondence). We therefore do not perceive the world as it is, but as we ourselves are. For this reason, the outer world that we perceive on a daily basis is also only an immaterial/spiritual/mental projection of our own state of consciousness. What we are there and what we radiate, we always draw into our own lives. For example, a person who is in a bad mood and assumes that nothing will change for the time being will only attract other things into his or her life that make him or her in a bad mood or continue to maintain this state. Conversely, a person who is in a good mood, or rather a person who radiates positive energy, only attracts life events and situations that are of a similar nature (universal principle of resonance). Well, as far as today's energy of the day goes, let's rejoice in it and draw strength from the Sun sign/energy. If we open ourselves to this energetic expression, let ourselves in on the daily energy - instead of closing it off, then we can and should actively "work" on shaping a more positive life today. Of course, it should also be mentioned at this point that we can do this every day.

Due to our own mental abilities, we can take our destiny into our own hands every day, in any place, and thus steer our life path in ever more positive directions. We always have the choice..!!

Every day, by changing our own spiritual orientation, we can change our own life for the better. Today we are only additionally supported in this project by the energetic expression of the sun. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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