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Due to the third portal day, today's daily energy on October 18 is still subject to a high cosmic vibration condition and as a result still stands for a change in one's own life, for initiating one's own leaps in development, for discarding one's own sustainable behavior, habits, convictions and beliefs. Ultimately it's all about us humans, In this very intense phase, we continue to resolve our own disharmonious conditions.

Continue to dissolve disharmonious states

Continue to dissolve disharmonious statesIn this context, due to the planetary vibration increase, all of our self-imposed shadow parts, all of our disagreements, all of our disharmonious parts are calling on us to transition into healing. Here one could also speak of a state of consciousness in which healing itself should happen again, a positive state of consciousness oriented towards healing, if you will. This process, i.e. the shedding/transformation of one's own sustainable life patterns, the creation of space in which positive growth can flourish, is simply an inevitable consequence of the current process of spiritual awakening and more and more people are being asked to resolve their own inconsistencies and mental problems/ to remove blockages. More and more people are joining this process and starting to get their own lives in shape. In this way, you deal again with your own early childhood events, possibly the traumas/imprints that were triggered by them, deal again with all your own affairs, all the karmic ballast you have created yourself, ask yourself what is still standing in the way of your own flourishing and initiate yourself The result is simply important changes, from which a reality emerges, a life that corresponds to our own ideas. For this reason, we should also join in this readjustment/realignment of the collective state of consciousness and finally get our own lives back under control.

The pollution of the planet is only the reflection on the outside of psychological pollution on the inside, a mirror for the millions of unconscious people who do not take responsibility for their inner space - Eckhart Tolle..!!

We are ultimately responsible for what happens in our lives, but we are also responsible for what happens on our planet. Our own thoughts, emotions and actions have an immense influence on the collective state of consciousness and can steer it into a new direction. For this reason, the more we remain in a disharmonious state of consciousness, the more we influence energetic structures that are based on this disharmony. As a result, this encourages other people on a mental/spiritual level to continue to remain in a disharmonious state of consciousness (if you want to find out more about collective influence, I can only tell you about yesterday evening). published article recommend). Therefore, take advantage of the current energetic high and recreate a state of consciousness that not only has a flourishing effect on your own life, but also completely inspires the collective. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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