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Today's daily energy on November 18, 2019 is, on the one hand, characterized by the moon in the zodiac sign Leo (The change took place yesterday evening at 22:54 p.m), which gives us a very strong one, which actually matches the current energy quality could feel the urge for freedom in us (and as a result pursue our own self-realization even more). On the other hand, the overarching energetic influences, which have been increasing for days/weeks, also have an impact on us, which in turn are accompanied by a strong change and inner realignment.

Revive a new self-image

As has often been mentioned in previous daily energy articles, we are currently going through the most important phase of all and are rising like a phoenix from the ashes, i.e. out of the old, flawed self-image and creating a completely new reality for ourselves. Times in which we have constantly given in to our own states of deficiency are therefore experiencing the most profound transformation of all in the final days of this decade. In the background everything is running at full speed and we are being prepared for the greatest possible experience of all, namely the experience of our true fullness. For this reason, today will also be accompanied by completely new perspectives, impulses, changes in consciousness and profound processes of change. After all, the daily intensity is currently increasing at a pace that we have never experienced before. It therefore becomes more and more violent, more intense, clearer, more coherent and more cleansing from day to day. At the end of the day it's all impossible to put into words, I mean, how intense is this all going to get? And I know you all feel the same way. It is so astonishing how profound our current transformation is and what kind of development it brings with it.

Our own self-image is decisive for the circumstances that we attract on the outside. For example, if we want to experience external circumstances and situations that are in turn accompanied by love and abundance, then we can only do this if we feel love and abundance within ourselves. Otherwise we create circumstances that do not correspond to this or only correspond to a limited extent. We always let the idea of ​​ourselves become manifest and constantly. The more positive our own self-image and, as a result, our overarching basic feelings are - the idea of ​​ourselves, the more positive the circumstances will be that we attract on the outside. And since we are experiencing a very strong positivization of our own self-image these days, we are creating an increasingly high-frequency reality for ourselves..!!

The sharpened senses, the much more sensitive perception, the daily awareness and subsequent modification of one's own beliefs, the unbelievably huge amount of impulses that reach one every day, the increased rooting in one's own self-love, the acceptance and acceptance of one's own life and, above all, the Circumstances of abundance that we attract on the outside. Ultimately, our own view becomes increasingly clearer and destructive views or negative mental structures that we repeatedly engage in become less and less, simply because we ourselves, as creators, take responsibility for the direction of our own inner world and in that No longer follows negative structures/thoughts/feelings. For example, instead of pursuing a negative belief or even a disharmonious mental construct, we reflect on ourselves and instead bring to life a harmonious inner world. We therefore take responsibility for our existence and make full use of our creative power. Well, the current days are a true blessing and will continue to change us so much that we will move into the coming golden decade full of self-love and abundance. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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