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Today's daily energy is accompanied on the one hand by a powerful new moon in the zodiac sign Scorpio, but on the other hand also by a mega wave of energy, i.e. a huge cosmic radiation (see cosmic weather report). Ultimately, we can therefore assume that There is no doubt that this veritable storm of energies will definitely strengthen the new moon influences.

A mega wave of energy reached us

Wave of energyIn this context, the new moon will also reach us between 12:42 p.m. and 14:42 p.m. and will unfold its full potential during this time. The powerful connection of the sun and moon (Yin Yang | male and female principle) in the zodiac sign Scorpio, in combination with these high cosmic influences, will definitely ensure a few intensive hours and make us passionate but also thoughtful and reoriented. This new moon in Scorpio also has an overall effect on our psyche, or rather our entire mind/body/spirit system and can transport a lot to our surface. So this Scorpio new moon is all about change, transformation, reorientation and change. The point is that we humans continue to be confronted with all of our shadows again - due to the enlightenment of our own minds (increasing our vibration frequency | flooding our state of consciousness with high-frequency energy), i.e. we are made aware of the blockages that we have prevent us from loving/accepting ourselves so that we can subsequently free ourselves from these self-imposed burdens. At the end of the day, we can provide people with more space to create positive living conditions and manage to stay in one frequency permanently. Remaining in a high vibration frequency or in a high state of consciousness also requires that we are not constantly subject to fears, compulsions, dependencies and other negative mental orientations, but that we instead free ourselves from all our blockages and regain a certain spiritual freedom to be able to live out. Otherwise we are constantly standing in the way of our own self-realization and in a certain way depriving ourselves of our own freedom.

Today's new moon in Scorpio in combination with the high-frequency wave can definitely change a lot within us and, above all, can show us new directions in life. Therefore, use the enormous potential and recognize that, firstly, everything in your life had a corresponding meaning, that all of our shadows have taught us an important lesson and, secondly, that we should now use our creator existence to create a life that is completely ours corresponds to your own ideas..!! 

Today's “Scorpio New Moon Day” can therefore have a lot of effect on us and be responsible for giving us an even more comprehensive view of ourselves and, above all, of our shadow parts. For this reason and above all the fact that a massive energetic wave has reached us today that will definitely strengthen the new moon in Scorpio, we should definitely use today to get a clearer picture of ourselves and, above all, of what lies ahead to preserve the path of life. Always remember that our current thoughts, emotions and actions lay the foundations for a corresponding future. You are the designer of your destiny and what your future will look like depends solely on you. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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