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Today's daily energy on May 18, 2020 is mainly brought by portal day influences and is therefore accompanied by an incredibly inspiring energy (On portal days, access to our deepest, most hidden parts is much more open than usual - The associated energetic impulses are strong - extremely important expansions of consciousness can be experienced more intensely).

Portal day influences

Portal Days 2020In this context, we also get two portal days in a row, at least if you don't take the leap year into account or ignore some lists. In this regard, I have pointed out a few times in the past few months that this year there are countless different information about the portal days, i.e. many calendar listings differ completely from one another. For example, it is said that the leap year is responsible for these different listings, i.e. that the portal days are moved back by one day as a result. However, some deviations are still far too extreme and completely deviate from this fact. Well, according to some lists, we have portal days from May 17th to 19th, for example, while other sources report May 18th & 19th. Well, for this reason one thing is certain, today is definitely a portal day, because that's what all the listings stated (Incidentally, I only use the portal days less often, simply because the information is too vague for me and my picture of it is not 100% clear - I have to find out more about it myself, but I just haven't gotten around to it in the current stormy months, sorry me^^).


Stronger energies

Ultimately, today is all about an extremely intense quality of energy and will certainly be accompanied by special experiences and insights into your own DEVELOPMENT/UN-OBCELLATION events. Added to this are the influences of the Aries Moon (Open-mindedness, emotional freshness and trials related to the unfulfilled aspects of the Aries Moon - argumentativeness, oversensitivity, impulsiveness and, if necessary, recklessness) and possibly even stronger influences regarding the planetary resonance frequency (see top picture), at least in this regard we have repeatedly received stronger anomalies in the past few days, such as yesterday for several hours. Well, at the end of the day, collective change will continue to advance strongly today and lead even more people into spiritual awakening. In exactly the same way, he will massively push the recollection and manifestation of a divine state of consciousness. Finally, just one more thing should be said: never forget, you are all creators, gods, THE SOURCE YOURSELF!!! With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂
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