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Today's daily energy on May 18, 2019 is characterized by a powerful full moon in the zodiac sign Scorpio, which is why this full moon gives us very special and, above all, strong energies. In this context, the zodiac sign goes Scorpio is also associated with self-overcoming, a pronounced emotionality and a strong passion (at least if you start from its fulfilled aspects). And since extremely strong energies are generally prevalent at the moment, all of these aspects are increasingly emphasized within us.

Powerful full moon influences

Ultimately, it's all about overcoming ourselves, mastering ourselves and, above all, igniting our inner passion for ourselves. In this regard, passion is also a fundamental aspect and can go hand in hand with an indescribable attitude to life. When we have dreams and goals that we pursue with passion, when we live life passionately and completely surrender to the natural flow, then we unfold a magic that can change everything. Ultimately, that's exactly what I'm experiencing very strongly at the moment, especially with the new water filter technology that I'm really passionate about and, above all, which has awakened an incredibly strong passion in me. Well, it is precisely this aspect that is in the foreground more than ever and the full moon can cause us to rekindle exactly this fire of passion. Accepting life, diving into our basic trust and thereby igniting our maximum strength, which also allows us to manifest maximum abundance, these are topics that can be very present today. The current energy quality and the Scorpio full moon will therefore have it all and if we open ourselves up to it, if we ignite the love/fire for ourselves, then we can achieve great things and follow our own path to mastery undeterred and full of energy. Well, at the end of the day it's also about our inner perfection. In the last few days I have also noticed this very strongly within myself, i.e. that everything is moving towards our inner perfection.

There is nothing outside of you that empowers you to become stronger, richer, faster or smarter. Everything is in you. Everything exists. Seek nothing outside of yourself. – Miyamoto Musashi..!!

It is particularly about becoming whole, developing an awareness of our own wholeness and accepting life in all its facets. As I said, there are currently a lot of important processes going on in the background and countless articles talk about the installation of various 5D structures. Wonderful things are happening and, as we mentioned a few days ago, we can rise from the ashes like a phoenix. Today will therefore be a very special day and, if we embrace it, will lead us into a completely new state of consciousness. A state of consciousness based on abundance, self-love and completion, all under the sign of a full moon. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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