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Full moon

Today's daily energy on March 18, 2022 is mainly shaped by the influences of a special full moon in the zodiac sign Virgo (Only a few hours later, i.e. at 12:24 p.m., the moon changes to Libra, but the full moon is still in Virgo quality), which in turn reaches its full form at 08:17 a.m. and from then on or generally throughout the day in a strong manner and way will boost our energy system. Due to the initial earth energy (Virgo = Earth), this full moon is also accompanied by the energy of grounding, i.e. new orientations, feelings, circumstances and states of perfection or abundance want to consolidate.

Powerful full moon in the zodiac sign Virgo

Powerful full moon in the zodiac sign VirgoShortly before the real new year begins, i.e. the astronomical beginning of the year (Spring equinox – a highly magical event) in two days (20. March), we can therefore experience once again how many new structures and energies want to consolidate within our own minds. As I said, in a few days the old year will end and thus an old cycle will end. A new phase of upswing begins, the spring energies become fully manifest and from then on the new will flow fully into us. From then on, the year is no longer dominated by Saturn, but Jupiter takes over the position, which generally stands for happiness, abundance, harmony and perfection. This full moon, which is also often referred to as the last moon of winter, truly marks the end of this year. Old structures want to be completely finished so that our inner space can fill with ease. The heaviness within our energy system, attributed to previous traumas, unfulfilled states, inner conflicts and psychological wounds (all of which arose from our spirit anchored in density), would now like to give way completely. Be it on a personal level or even on a global level, the entire apparent chaos essentially represents an overarching healing and, above all, ascension process that has now gone very far.

Black Shift

Yesterday and today, in line with the full moon energies, two black shifts have already reached us, i.e. the earth's energy field (our energy field) is experiencing a strong recalibration in these hours. Our inner ascension or the completion of our inner liberation process wants to happen more than ever..!!

We are therefore in the last breaths of the end times. In the coming months of the new year we will therefore experience major upheavals, regardless of what they may look like, but it can no longer happen otherwise, we are heading directly towards major global changes (big changes within ourselves) and current events show us this more than ever. Nevertheless, we should never forget that all of this essentially represents an overarching liberation process. There is a divine plan behind everything and it will be carried out until its end. This special divine implementation provides that we learn to regain leadership over ourselves, i.e. that we free our own spirit by reviving a completely holy, nature-connected, pure and ascended inner state (the master state). A reality in which we are no longer subject to any limitations and, above all, no external attachments/dependencies. This state, accompanied by absolute purity and fulfillment, will ultimately liberate the world, because, as within, so without (our inner world = the outer world - both are one together - the two great duals - true dual soul process). Our inner state is always transferred to the external world and changes it significantly. Well then, let us celebrate this full moon and the final cycle that comes with it together. The New Year is about to begin. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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