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new moon

With today's daily energy on June 17, 2023, we are mainly receiving the energy of the new moon, which in turn became manifest at 06:37 in the morning and gives us influences that not only make us much more communicative overall or we are generally even very receptive to new knowledge, but we can also be very much attuned to the manifestation of new circumstances.

New moon in the zodiac sign Gemini

New moon in GeminiAfter all, new moons are generally always accompanied by a certain energy of new beginnings. The new moon also marks the beginning of the 29-day sun/moon cycle and therefore marks a phase in which the manifestation of new circumstances is particularly favourable. Ultimately, even nature is completely adjusted to this, i.e. within a new moon phase, medicinal plants, for example, have a lower vital substance profile, just as trees carry less water. On the other hand, our body can drain toxins much more easily during such a phase than is the case, for example, during a waxing moon phase. Well, today's Gemini New Moon, which by the way is also opposite the Sun in Gemini, will be accompanied by a very connecting or realigning energy quality. So within the twin energy we always tend to open up internally, yes, even the urge to want to manifest new circumstances can be strong. This is how we generally want to relate to others (and consequently ourselves) connect, step into ease, have special conversations and indulge in sociable circumstances. The element of air in the new moon and also in the sun leads to a great inner renewal, meaning not only our cell environment, but also the image that we have of ourselves can undergo fundamental changes these days. Both want to be wrapped in lightness. It is also exactly the same as it is always attributed to the element of air, that old things want to be blown away so that we can climb up into the air ourselves.

The energy of our solar plexus

new moon energies

The communicative aspects of the Gemini zodiac sign can help us to look into the depths of our being and make visible the previously unspoken. On the other hand, our own solar plexus, i.e. our solar plexus chakra, is being strongly addressed these days. In this context, each zodiac sign is associated with an individual chakra. Within a twin phase, the solar plexus chakra is particularly addressed, which can release associated blockages. The solar plexus chakra supplies us with energy, similar to the case with the sun, and in particular emphasizes our inner essence, i.e. our true being. For this reason, around these new moon days, we can also be faced with issues such as maintaining lower self-esteem. After all, the double twin combination appeals to our inner core and wants us, as is the case with the twin sign, to be communicative and not afraid of other people or corresponding situations. We should make a lot of use of our infinite creative power and face life full of inner strength, wisdom, love and real self-confidence. For this reason, we can be confronted with corresponding issues these days, which can cause our solar plexus chakra to get back into the flow. So with that in mind, let's embrace today's Gemini New Moon energies and experience life to the fullest. Something new wants to emerge. With this in mind, stay healthy, content and live a blessed life in harmony. 🙂

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