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Today's daily energy on June 18, 2019 is mainly shaped by the after-effects of yesterday's full moon and can therefore continue to allow us to experience very special states of abundance. In this context, yesterday's full moon was also accompanied by a completion. A lunar cycle, i.e. from new moon to full moon (and then again until new moon) usually marks a phase, in which life circumstances or states of consciousness (Circumstances in life are a product of one's mind, as is everything in existence) to be born (New) and then towards the full moon, can experience a completion (especially when we were receptive on the new moon and laying completely new foundations).

Lasting effects of the full moon

Lasting effects of the full moonOf course, at the end of the day we humans, as creators ourselves, always reap what we sow (we are therefore cause and effect ourselves - responsible for everything). One could also say, at least if one refers to the law of resonance, that one reaps or rather draws into one's life what one currently is and what one emits, that which corresponds to one's own frequency. Our frequency state resonates with life circumstances (related to everything) that have a similar frequency. What corresponds to our spiritual orientation is therefore, sooner or later, drawn into our own lives and made manifest - the spirit gives an impetus/lays a foundation and the matter follows suit. For this reason, we can only experience/attract circumstances of abundance when we ourselves are in abundance, i.e. when we feel good, we are satisfied, we have a balanced mind/body/spirit system and we ourselves have or already have the environment around us feel created abundance, otherwise we are in want (and because of a feeling of fullness, because of an inner contentment, one automatically goes into a corresponding assumption - one knows that fullness is coming/there is - everything will come anyway - I receive anyway, I'm fine, it can't be any other way - Without a doubt - receive abundance instead of resisting - law of acceptance - law of resonance - matter/outer world follows suit, adapts to this basic feeling). It's the same with our organism. When we ourselves have a nutrient deficiency or functions are out of balance (E.g. unbalanced spirit - cell environment gets out of balance - spirit rules over matter), i.e. if our body has a lack of life energy (acidic/low oxygen/dehydrated cell environment), then this leads to further defects. We feel weaker and weaker and illnesses become manifest over time.

You are what you think. You radiate what you are. What you radiate, you attract. – Buddha..!!

For this reason it is important that we harmonize holistically or all levels of existence, this refers to all interpersonal relationships, nutrition, exercise, partnerships, workplace situations, order in your own household, stays in nature - fundamental knowledge (Information based on abundance, - use wisdom/intuitive powers to unfold) and all other circumstances. The more of this is aligned, the more our spirit becomes aligned/abundant and we ourselves draw more abundance into our own lives due to this new frequency. Ultimately, even supposedly small changes can be significantly important and lead us into completely new life situations. Over time, you automatically get into feelings of fullness and that without compulsion, but simply by initiating changes yourself (the change always begins within yourself - be the change you wish for in this world). The lingering effects of the full moon will therefore actively support us in initiating appropriate changes. As I said, the current days and especially the magic that goes with them is so extremely promising and has such a profound effect on us (everything is flooded with light) so that we can achieve incredible things. Everything is aligned with basic/natural abundance and if we open ourselves to all of this, if we surrender to the natural flow of life, we can fully immerse ourselves in abundance again. As I said friends, 2019 is the most violent and important year (so far) at all and serves perfectly our return connection. We can become aware of our origin and break out of any destructive deficiency/circumstance, the days are set aside for that. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

I am happy about any support ❤ 

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