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Today's daily energy on July 18, 2020 is shaped by the influences of the sixth portal day and therefore leads us even deeper and, above all, further into our own self-realization. The energy quality is still EXTREMELY cell-cleansing and dissolving countless reprogrammings within our own minds. This is apart from the manifestation of a higher self-image (a DIVINE self-image/the HIGHEST self-image – which represents the GREATEST danger to the existing pseudo-system) our HEART ENERGY is also very much in the foreground.


ACTIVATION of our HEART ENERGYAs far as this is concerned, the overarching collective awakening generally goes hand in hand with an opening of the heart, i.e. the people (as the creator himself) experience an opening of the heart, whereby they regain the ability to deal with previously unknown information in a non-judgmental manner (Instead of directly ridiculing knowledge that does not correspond to your own world view, strictly rejecting it, which is of course in the spirit of the cabal system - because a derogatory humanity, i.e. a humanity that is programmed to reject, you deal with relevant information. You become MORE SENSIBLE, more receptive to higher wisdom and are subsequently able to expand your own horizons immensely). For this reason, our heart energy, which has been accompanied by deep blockages for a long time, also represents an intelligence that is so powerful that it should remain generally inactive. But the current change, the massive acceleration, humanity becoming more and more awake, the enormous progress that is being made in this regard day after day and, above all, the current portal days are triggering completely the opposite in this regard and making people receptive to knowledge that was previously available was not in harmony with their conditioned world view.

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The current days are therefore accompanied by an extremely important and special quality of energy and activate profound abilities in all of us. As I said, we are all incredibly powerful beings as gods ourselves and have a repertoire of magical abilities deep down. The most powerful ability is of course CREATION itself, i.e. we CREATE throughout. Just reading this article is an experience that you have made manifest. You created this circumstance, expanded your mind in this direction (it is just your imagination/thought energy come true, projected externally). The spirit always follows FIRST, then the matter/the action. For this reason, the ability to CREATE is what distinguishes us the most, because it is an ability that every person/creator has, an ability that is constantly exercised.

Divine abilities

In addition, there are even more unique abilities within us (The ability to create is in itself completely unique), E.g. the ability to teleport oneself, use telekinesis, levitation or even make matter manifest with the mere power of thought (Well, that's what we do anyway - constant creation, but now relate this to direct manifestations, you imagine an object and in the next moment it is manifest ). Through the mastery of our own incarnation, which becomes more and more tangible, especially in this time of awakening, we gain these fundamental abilities. Well, today's daily energy is still accompanied by strong influences and is therefore still very beneficial to our own development. We are also heading towards a powerful event in this regard, because on July 20th we will have a new moon in the zodiac sign Cancer. This day will represent the eighth portal day and therefore a highlight in the current phase. We can therefore continue to live through this energetic current with “tension” and, above all, let it come to us. The predominant frequency for our own prosperity is still PURE GOLD. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂



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