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daily energy

Today's daily energy stands for our urge for freedom and the associated realization of a state of consciousness, which in turn is permanently in resonance with the feeling of freedom. As a result, it is also about our own goals, reorientation and striving for balance. In this context, balance is also something that almost everyone strives for. The phenomenon of balance or the striving for balance, for freedom, can also be observed on all levels of existence. Whether micro or macrocosm, everything is reflected in smaller and larger scales.

Today's daily energy

Today's daily energy - phases of the moonOn the other hand, today's daily energy can also be very explosive. Mars is about to enter the zodiac sign of Leo and forms the square of Uranus in Aries out of Cancer. This constellation is very effective over a period of a few days, sometimes also highly explosive, which is why we should exercise caution in our own work, caution in traffic and other physical activities. The nature of this square also suggests that we can over-extend ourselves and overshoot the mark in the process. For this reason, we shouldn't overexert ourselves too much and instead keep calm and not rush into anything. Otherwise, our moon is still in its waning phase, which can be very beneficial for our own sleep and also for inspiring dreams. Ultimately, the individual phases of the moon always have a strong influence on our own psyche. The full moon in particular is always enormous in terms of intensity. Swiss researchers have found that the more the moon waxes, the worse our sleep quality is. On full moon days, people sleep particularly restlessly and then usually have unpleasant dreams.

Since everything in existence consists firstly of consciousness and secondly arises out of consciousness, even the smallest changes, for example changes in star constellations, exert a drastic influence on our own psyche..!! 

In waning phases of the moon, especially when this is heading towards the new moon, we experience exactly the opposite. For this reason, the current moon constellation is also very conducive to a deep and restful sleep. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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