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full moon January 2022

Today's daily energy on January 18, 2022 is accompanied by highly magical energetic influences, because at 00:49 a.m. an ice moon reached us (also called the wolf moon), i.e. the very first full moon this year, which in this context is particularly influential for the rhythms to come within this year. From an energetic point of view, he also leads the first one Lunar cycle of this year continues (from new moon to new moon) and thus indicates a particular direction. For that matter, the full moon is also in the zodiac sign Cancer (Only four hours later does the moon change to the zodiac sign Leo, whose fiery energy will accompany the day from then on), thus its perfection reaches us in the special element of water.

The all-encompassing abundance

Full Moon in CancerIn this regard, today is the perfect day to immerse yourself in the flow of life. In keeping with the watermark, everything wants to flow and immerse itself in the all-encompassing abundance. Full moons, which generally stand for abundance, perfection, wholeness and maximality, show us the principle of maximum abundance and can therefore bring us very much closer to the foundation of existence. In this regard, we should never forget that life itself or the spirit itself contains perfection, or rather the all-encompassing fullness. For this reason, everything that exists is already embedded in your own mind. Every reality, every dimension, every universe, every being, every sound, every possibility, etc., everything is in the form of our thoughts or our ideas (Energy) rooted within our own minds. Your own creative spirit therefore encompasses everything, there is nothing that is not born or even exists within this field, you could also say, you yourself are everything and everything is yourself. There is no separation, because your own spirit encompasses and penetrates everything . The more we can return to our highest divine self-image and consequently perceive our inner world as sacred, perfect and unique, the more we in turn perceive the perfection within ourselves, which automatically puts us into a state through which we in turn can attract/experience this inner, all-encompassing fullness in the outer world. Simply by reorienting our minds towards holiness/divinity (I am/we are holy, the creation/creator himself, the source of all being - inside and outside equal one or the totality) we can then create a completely new world outside.



Today's ice moon can definitely let us feel this universal principle of all-encompassing abundance again. Suitable for the second month of winter. All potential lies within nature. Although everything is cool, icy and dark, there is a constant magic in the air. In exactly this way, the maximum abundance rests in nature at every second, which will only be noticeable/visible to many again in spring/summer, even if the all-encompassing abundance can be felt in the same way in the dark seasons. Well, regarding the ice moon, due to the sign of Cancer, this full moon can also shed light on important family situations or even family positions. The desire for a family or even the desire for an intact/harmonious family situation can also be very important. Especially in these days, when so many people are dividing themselves based on apparent circumstances, it is generally more important than ever that we dedicate ourselves to our families and allow peace to prevail. In keeping with this or in keeping with the Cancer zodiac sign and the associated first full moon, I would like to quote an older article of mine again, adapted to the current year:

“We have the first full moon, also known as the wolf moon or ice moon, in this year 2022. Special energies are being released that open our eyes to what has been hidden from us for a long time. There is also a great opportunity to promote relationships and resolve conflicts with this full moon.

The lunar cycle has reached its peak. All available energy is in play. All living things are under high tension. This releases unexpected powers, but it also creates a certain restlessness that seems to spread everywhere. With the full moon in Cancer, caring is very noticeable. At the forefront is the longing for home and home as well as the search for peace and security. With this special Full Moon in Cancer, we are rarely as sensitive, caring and emotional as we are today. Unfortunately, we react offended more quickly than usual. We are grateful that people and events can touch us at all. Feelings are part of our humanity and can show us the way to right action.”

With this in mind, everyone enjoys the highly magical influences of today's Ice Moon Day. Stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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