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Today's daily energy on February 18, 2020 is characterized by the extremely transformative and, above all, harmonizing energy quality and therefore leads us even deeper into the realization of ours today highest self. We are still accompanied by an extremely stormy mixture of energies that intervenes in the depths of our being, flushes out all of our cells and flushes out heavy energies - to create a light energetic system.

Extreme fluctuations continue

The stormiest phaseIn this regard, the weather conditions continue to illustrate the current prevailing energy quality. As already mentioned many times, universal laws permanently intervene in our reality or interact continuously with our own mind, yes, as creators themselves, they are even a direct product of our own mind. The principle of correspondence shows us that all processes, structures and circumstances that we experience represent a direct reflection of our inner world. On the one hand, this law states that the entire existence is reflected in both the small and the large. The external world, as a direct expression of our internal world, corresponds to our internal world and vice versa. When we perceive the perceivable external world as separate from ourselves, then we enter a state of separateness. But in itself everything is one and as the CREATOR, which you represent, there is no separation, because you yourself represent the external world and its progress (The fact that the world has not yet completely ascended/awakened is only due to the fact that you are living out aspects that are still unfulfilled/limiting yourself in its entirety - the progress of comprehensive awakening can therefore be traced back to yourself, if you change yourself, you change world - if you reject this influence, you in turn diminish your own creative power and make yourself small - you ignore the fact that you yourself are the creator of all things - mental blockages - self-imposed limitations - lack instead of abundance).

Creation is realigning itself

Well, to come back to the weather situation, the weather has still not calmed down since the storm “Sabine”. Since then, strong winds have repeatedly reached us and at certain moments the weather escalated completely for a short period of time (So the weather changes completely from one moment to the next - the winds become extremely strong, it starts to rain heavily and the sky darkens before the whole thing flattens out again - yes, I even hear it over and over again throughout the day the wind whistles over the roofs and in a very unexpected way - sometimes the weather conditions feel very special and magical - sometimes you feel that something big is happening - that something is undergoing a huge change - sometimes spooky, but largely groundbreaking and unique).

The earth changes into the 5D field!!!!!!!!

The quality of energy reflects the fact that we are still in the most stormy phase of all and that all old structures are still breaking down, it is one of the greatest phases of spiritual awakening and is more marked by upheaval than ever before was the case. Ultimately, we have been experiencing a maximum ascension since the beginning of the golden decade, i.e. since the beginning of this decade, and this ascension is gradually awakening all of humanity. At the same time, the ascent of our planet has been experiencing the greatest possible acceleration since the beginning of this decade and is therefore changing into the bright or high-frequency 5D field (As a living organism itself, i.e. as pure consciousness and therefore as a direct expression of our own divine consciousness, our mother earth lives and also goes through a transformation process). Stormy weather conditions, as is currently the case, illustrate the comprehensive change to 5D fields.

The reputation of the golden decade

It can be felt at every moment and crystallizes again and again in everyday life - never before has so much changed as is currently the case and never before has the rise been as noticeable as in the first months of the golden decade. I mean, look at the first two months of this decade, what has happened since then, whether on a global/world political level, whether in terms of weather or even in your own life - how quickly the two months have passed (Well, February isn't over yet, but it will be sooner than we can see) and how long this phase still felt (Christmas, New Year, all of that feels like a long time ago) and what seems to have become clearer in our own lives since then, the transformation is in full swing and we ourselves have developed extremely much in these two months - the self from last year only exists in our memories, we have too much changes us - our spirit expands too much in new directions from day to day. Well, the change is therefore enormous and is currently shooting us into a new world. It just can't be put into words anymore. You can't help but be amazed. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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