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Today's daily energy on December 18, 2018 is mainly shaped by the moon, which in turn changes to the zodiac sign Taurus at 10:34 a.m. and from then on gives us influences through which, depending on our own spiritual orientation, we can relax towards our fellow human beings/ Family circumstances (and precarious living conditions) could react.At the same time, the Taurus Moon favors moods that are characterized by calm, relaxation, community and, above all, patience.

Persistent behavior?!

daily energyOn the other hand, due to the “Taurus Moon”, influences reach us through which we can not only experience security, demarcation and an increased focus on our home, but also make us sociable, charming, cultivated and have a certain penchant for enjoyment could feel us. Ultimately, this can be of great benefit to us, especially when it comes to the aspect of calm, because our current system is massively built on restlessness, be it unnatural foods that transport a certain restlessness into our organism not only due to a disharmonious influence (and... with thoughts of addiction, which also promotes a corresponding restlessness), precarious/exhausting working relationships or even an identification with various EGO-shaped conditions (orientation towards material conditions, identification with the body, remaining in disharmonious mental constructs, etc.). An aspect of our true nature/our true being, one could also speak of an aspect of our divine origin, represents calm, which is why meditation can have very inspiring influences on our mind/body/spirit system in the long term, simply because we are within a meditation come to rest. For this reason, we should take advantage of the influences of the Taurus Moon and therefore increasingly move into our own center. In this context, the opportunity to immerse ourselves in a corresponding state of consciousness is also permanently available to us. Well, on the other hand, in parallel to these influences, I would also like to briefly talk about yesterday, when we received some strong impulses regarding the planetary resonance frequency (see picture below). daily energyWe could also receive some impetus today, although I can't estimate it 100%. But if this happens, the influences of the “Taurus Moon” will certainly be strengthened. However, this does not exclude completely contradictory experiences. Well, finally, I would like to draw your attention again to the book raffle, which took place yesterday evening. In the video linked below you can see whether you are among the winners. The books will most likely go out this afternoon. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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