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Today's daily energy on August 18, 2020 is mainly shaped by the preliminary influences of tomorrow's new moon in the zodiac sign Leo (which in turn will manifest on August 19th at 04:42 a.m) and therefore already gives us a unique energy of renewal, new beginnings and, above all, inner recalibration. The associated anchoring in Leo will provide us with additional inflows and impulses through which all Lion themes are highlighted. If necessary, we could even be shown aspects that the lion reflects at the end of the day - the rich heart, his strength, his endurance, but also his nature of assertion, dominance and resistance (or not to allow oneself to be subjugated).

Coming Leo New Moon

New moon in LeoThe new moon will therefore provide us with an extremely potent energy quality and will illuminate corresponding aspects within our own minds. On the other hand, the new moon is also a perfect opportunity to relax from the peace that has been provided to us in the past few weeks (As already mentioned in yesterday's daily energy article, Pulled into retreat), to fully enter into one's own active self-realization. After all, phases of change occur to us again and again, i.e. phases in which we ourselves are increasingly drawn into calm and withdrawal and phases in which we are full of life energy and dedicated to the realization of our highest self-image (the divine self-image) and as a result, as creators themselves, actively change and reshape the world. Ultimately, this principle is based on the universal law of rhythm and vibration, which on the one hand also says that everything always goes through rhythms and cycles. Now and apart from that, exactly three days later we reach the beginning of a ten-day portal day phase, which in turn lasts until the end of the month and will therefore give us a violent phase of upswing, manifestation and, above all, self-knowledge (as was the case in the previous portal day phase).

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At the end of the day, we can therefore STRONGLY assume that the month began extremely energetic, constructive, active, productive and creative, and then drew us into inner peace (or could pull in very strongly), only to then change back into an even stronger upswing. For that matter, the month will also end with tremendous energy, that's for sure! At the end of the month there will be another million demonstration for freedom, which also perfectly reflects the beginning of the month when this also happened. The targeted bundling of countless ideas for peace and freedom within the world - for an end to modern slavery and for the manifestation of a golden age. With this in mind, the coming days will be extremely “exciting”. Stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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