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On the one hand, today's daily energy on August 18, 2019 continues to be influenced by the moon in the zodiac sign Pisces (Sensitivity, more pronounced sensitivity & more intense moods, – dreaminess) and on the other hand from the zodiac sign Aries (emotional liveliness – open to new living conditions – idealistic mood), because the moon changes zodiac sign at 18:32 p.m.

Stronger planetary resonance frequency anomalies

Stronger planetary resonance frequency anomaliesOn the other hand, there is generally still an extremely special energy quality and, as already mentioned in previous daily energy articles, our own state of being is massively deepened. The moods in this regard are also very mystical, profound and, above all, extremely insightful. Partly due to this enormous energetic flooding, our entire sensations are massively intensified, a circumstance that I could feel extremely strongly within myself over the past three nights, yes, in some moments it even felt like a kind of “rush” rather than thoughts the ideas I got involved in or the ideas I put myself in completely drew me in. In keeping with this, three days ago I started incorporating, or rather consuming, shakes and roots apart from the daily medicinal herbs. I harvested some roots of garlic mustard, nettle and clove root and then ate them. It is difficult to say whether there is a connection, but the roots still provide an appropriate grounding (Root Chakra – Grounding/Security/Stability/Basic Trust) and subsequently change the direction of my own mind again, just as was the case with medicinal plants back then.

The transition into the fifth dimension, i.e. the transition into a high-frequency state of consciousness, is also accompanied by a return to nature. Taking medicinal plants and all their components, staying in nature and the inner urge to get closer and closer to nature is unavoidable and is being lived out more and more on our part..!! 

Well, nevertheless, the prevailing quality of energy is still highly intense and has a strong influence on shaping our own reality. And these inflows were now intensified by stronger planetary resonance frequency influences, which in turn reached us yesterday (see below picture).Lunar Change & Stronger Planetary Resonance Frequency Anomalies

The current days therefore continue to be incredibly important for our own spiritual development and lead us into completely new depths of our existence. It is truly a special time. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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