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Due to the second portal day, today's daily energy on October 17th is still subject to high cosmic influences and as a result still stands for changes in one's own life, for structures that are changing, for discarding one's own old behavior and habits. In this context, as has often been mentioned, days on which increased cosmic radiation reaches us lead to that we as humans simply deal much more closely with our own discrepancies and self-created mental blocks.

Structures continue to change

Structures continue to change

This process can be traced back to the consistent increase in the planetary vibration frequency, which ultimately simply ensures the transition to the 5th dimension, i.e. the spiritual awakening of humanity. As far as this is concerned, a lot of people these days allow themselves to be dominated by their own mental problems, get trapped in self-imposed vicious circles and thus constantly create space for negativity and create space for their own shadow parts to develop. The transition into the 5th dimension, which could basically be described as a transition into a higher, more harmonious consciousness, but in the long term leads to us having all the structures, behaviors and habits, which in turn are of a sustainable/destructive nature , take off. Only by putting aside or even accepting your own destructive thoughts and emotions will it be possible to remain permanently in a high vibration or in a high state of consciousness. Otherwise we would always provide far too much space for negative thoughts/emotions to develop and as a result we would predominantly stay in a low vibration frequency. For this reason, we can consider ourselves lucky that we are in the ascending period (13.000 years of low consciousness/13.000 years of high consciousness) of the newly begun cosmic cycle. So we humans are currently simply experiencing a phase in which, firstly, a massive discovery of truth takes place, secondly, we shed our own materially oriented aspects (shadow parts) and, thirdly, we become aware of our own creative powers again.

We humans are real creators and are therefore busy every day creating new living conditions, situations, thoughts, emotions and the resulting behaviors..!!

As far as this is concerned, we humans are the creators of our own lives, we are our own doctors, we are the forges of our own happiness, we are those powerful beings who have the special ability to change/determine life with our thoughts. For this reason, it is still highly recommended to continue to use the high energetic circumstances to create a carefree life. Begin to fully realize yourself again and legitimize a harmonious alignment in your own mind. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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