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Today's daily energy on November 17, 2019 continues to be accompanied by an extremely strong creator energy and is still accompanied by incredible possibilities and opportunities. Rarely has the quality of energy been so life-changing, This is particularly evident in the fact that we have never been so catapulted into new structures. The old is increasingly being dissolved and, as a result, our inner world is being completely realigned.

Unleash our true potential

Unleash our true potentialBasically, you could also speak of a reset - a complete new start or, better said, a complete return to our true primal power. Our true primal nature, based on self-love, light, wisdom, strong self-responsibility and, above all, based on a strong rooting within our own creative power, is currently more pronounced than ever before. For this reason, we are increasingly confronted with the effects of our own destructive beliefs, because our entire life is ultimately a product of all our daily feelings, convictions, beliefs or, better said, all of our deeply rooted programs - our current state of being. The detection and transformation of such programs is therefore incredibly important and is being realized more and more. I actually have to admit that I have never recognized and cleared up my own destructive/disharmonic beliefs to such an extent or to this extent as I have in the current few days, especially in the last 2-3 days was. At times I was very surprised at the awareness and transformation of one's own beliefs, simply because it was astonishing how long these beliefs have accompanied you for a long time and, above all, that you have not recognized these beliefs for all this time. They are deep-seated programs that are sometimes difficult to recognize, simply because they are played out in us on a daily basis. Our true potential is therefore experienced - in the current (high energy) days, a massive development, i.e. we step into our own self-responsibility and begin to fully use our creative potential.

Unleash our true potential

Yesterday another very strong anomaly or frequency increase was registered on the diagram of the planetary resonance frequency, which again indicates a strong transformation in these hours. Ultimately, this circumstance is also extremely noticeable. The change in these days has never been so intense. Hardly a day goes by when you are not the same or hardly a day goes by when you continue to stick to the same beliefs and old patterns, as is currently the case. There is therefore an incredible magic that lies in the air and draws us completely into our own creative power. Instead of giving in to disharmonious mental states or reviving negative beliefs, we use our own creative power and create a luminous circumstance. The current awareness and self-reflection is therefore huge and the greatest possible development of our true potential is taking place..!!

One could also say that we become more aware of our luminous being and that all destructive beliefs are accepted and changed. In this context, one would not believe how often one undermines one's own creative power or feels bad or has a bad self-image just because one has agreed to a disharmonious belief system or belief (A belief that is difficult to change at that moment, simply because this belief is considered normal. Because you are so convinced of these beliefs yourself. Nevertheless, we are the creators and bear complete responsibility for our own reality. We ourselves, at any time, in any place, can reflect on our beliefs, wrap shadows in love, recognize and accept them, thereby breaking out of a victim attitude and transitioning into a creator circumstance - the power rests in the depths of each of us). That's why, in the current extremely accelerated change, our own self-image is undergoing a complete transformation and, as a result, we ourselves are ascending into a new state of consciousness. It is a transition into a new dimension (high frequency state of consciousness), which I have never experienced or felt in this form as much as it currently does. We are experiencing incredible development! Our inner space is completely realigned. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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