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Today's daily energy on May 17, 2019 is characterized on the one hand by the still very strong energy quality (it is felt more and more strongly or not only felt, the frequency increases more and more), i.e. our systems will continue to be used flushed through with high-frequency energy and our personal transformation continues to reach completely new levels and on the other hand from the preliminary full moon influences.

Still strong energies

Still strong energiesIn this context, a full moon in the zodiac sign Scorpio will reach us tomorrow. For this reason, an even greater intensity will be felt today and we can prepare for highly energetic moments. After all, the past full moons have been accompanied by extremely strong frequencies and consequently also by very magical moments (I went through wonderful circumstances/conditions myself at that time). The situation will therefore be similar today and in the next two days. Everything is moving towards states in which we can feel maximum fullness within ourselves. After all, in the current phase everything inevitably points towards maximum abundance. From spring to summer everything swings up and from our personal blossoming wonderful circumstances based on abundance will now arise (Summer = Maximum Abundance). Somehow I even have to admit that abundance, i.e. states of consciousness based on abundance, are currently more noticeable than ever. Of course, although it still happens that we live through shadowy circumstances (the detachment/cleansing of inner conflicts - transition to 5D), we can still immerse ourselves in moments of complete lightness again and again. Ultimately, we can also remind ourselves of how strong we have actually become. Friends, in the past few weeks and months we have lived through so much, processed so much, transformed so much and cleaned up so much that this aspect is often not noticed. But basically, yes basically, we have all become extremely strong and powerful, we should always keep that in mind.

Anyone identified with their mind rather than their true strength, their deeper, anchored self, will have fear as their constant companion. – Eckhart Tolle..!!

We can sense it all the time if we focus our mind on it. A manifestation of 5D is taking place and with the coming full moon this aspect will be emphasized again. Therefore, become aware of your inner strength and self-love. Well, last but not least, I would like to draw attention to a recent video of mine, in which I presented a unique water system that turns water into a veritable elixir (Bovis value at least 28.000, - crystalline structure restored - confirmed by the Emoto laboratory, - optimal PH value, arctic primordial information inserted and completely free of pollutants). It is a golden age technology based on the principle of maximum abundance, because this technology can also be used to build a strong financial foundation. Well, it is a very special technology, accompanied by a very special energy, which I can only warmly recommend to you. In the video below I covered the entire topic. There is also a link to our new website underneath, matching the water system. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

Our water side: https://www.urquellediamant.de

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