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Today's daily energy on May 17, 2018 is shaped on the one hand by three different star constellations and on the other hand by the influences of the moon in the zodiac sign Gemini, which stands for communication and thirst for knowledge. In the late evening, the moon switches again to the zodiac sign Cancer, which is why the development of the pleasant aspects of life can be in the foreground in the next three days. This could also lead to a longing for home and peace or security. This offers a good opportunity to develop new soul powers.

Today's constellations

daily energy

Moon (Gemini) square Neptune (Pisces)
[wp-svg-icons icon="loop" wrap="i"] Angular relationship 90°
[wp-svg-icons icon=”sad” wrap=”i”] Disharmonic nature
[wp-svg-icons icon="clock" wrap="i"] Becomes active at 01:16

Overall, this square can make us quite dreamy, passive and self-deceptive. We may have a tendency to be hypersensitive and may feel unbalanced. We could also lose ourselves in wishful thinking due to this constellation.

daily energy

Moon (Gemini) conjunction Venus (Gemini)
[wp-svg-icons icon="loop" wrap="i"] Angular relationship 0°
[wp-svg-icons icon=”sad” wrap=”i”] Neutral nature (depends on constellations)
[wp-svg-icons icon="clock" wrap="i"] Becomes active at 20:17

This conjunction, which becomes active in the evening, has a very strong impact on our emotional life and our need for tenderness. A harmonious family life and artistic talents are also favored by this constellation
daily energyMoon moves into the zodiac sign Cancer
[wp-svg-icons icon=”accessibility” wrap=”i”] Soul powers & security
[wp-svg-icons icon=”contrast” wrap=”i”] Effective for two to three days
[wp-svg-icons icon="clock" wrap="i"] Becomes active at 23:47

The moon in the zodiac sign Cancer supports the development of the pleasant aspects of life over the next two to three days. The focus is on the longing for home and home, peace and security. For this reason, the coming days are perfect for relaxing and developing new soul powers.

daily energyMoon (Cancer) sextile Uranus (Taurus)
[wp-svg-icons icon="loop" wrap="i"] Angular relationship 60°
[wp-svg-icons icon=”smiley” wrap=”i”] Harmonious in nature
[wp-svg-icons icon="clock" wrap="i"] Becomes active at 23:59

The Moon/Uranus sextile gives us great attentiveness, persuasiveness, ambition and an original spirit at night and also in the early morning of the next day. In the same way, we could be quite determined and have a lucky hand in various endeavors. We look for new methods and go our own way.

Geomagnetic Storm Intensity (K Index)

daily energyThe planetary K index, or the magnitude of geomagnetic activity and storms (mostly due to strong solar winds), is rather minor today.

Current Schumann resonance frequency

Yesterday we received quite strong impulses regarding the planetary resonance frequency, which brought with them some transformational potential. Today the influences are again only minimal, even if that can change over the course of the day.

Schumann resonance frequency

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Today's daily energetic influences are mainly shaped by the influences of the "twin moon", which is why communication and a thirst for knowledge are in the foreground. The electromagnetic influences are again of a minor nature, which is why things are rather quiet in this respect. Otherwise we could be in a pretty sentimental and emotional mood towards the evening. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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Intensity of geomagnetic storms Source: https://www.swpc.noaa.gov/products/planetary-k-index
Schumann resonance frequency Source: http://sosrff.tsu.ru/?page_id=7

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