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Today's daily energy on June 17, 2018 is still shaped by the influences of the moon in the zodiac sign Leo, which in turn could have an outward orientation. But increased dominance, increased self-confidence and optimism could also be noticeable in us. We could also manifest an increased joy of life through the moon in the zodiac sign Leo become, at least when we resonate with its fulfilling influences.

Electromagnetic influences very low

Electromagnetic influences very lowOtherwise, only one more constellation will take effect today, namely a square between the Moon and Jupiter, which firstly came into effect at 08:22 a.m. and secondly can make us feel extravagant and wasteful. This constellation also represents conflicts within a love relationship, which is why calm and, above all, understanding is appropriate in partnerships (of course, calm and understanding should generally be present in a partnership). There are no other constellations that reach us, which is why “there isn’t too much going on” in the starry sky. The same also applies to electromagnetic influences. In this context, it should be said that we have experienced real electromagnetic storms in the last few months. Sometimes the influences were so strong that they could shake us up quite a bit. Nevertheless, these phases were of utmost importance because, as I have often mentioned in my articles, these influences or impulses represent an important part of the current process of spiritual awakening and not only allow us to act in a more truth-oriented manner, but they also lead us to our current one state of being before your eyes. For this reason, these influences also serve our own spiritual development and promote our own flourishing because they indirectly challenge us to resolve all of our inner conflicts so that we ourselves can remain in a higher frequency/more balanced state of consciousness. Since such strong influences reach us almost every day, it can be quite relaxing when things are a little quieter in this regard.

daily energy

In this context, the current days are very convenient for us, because the influences have hardly been present in the last few days. Okey, yesterday we received another stronger impulse, but the days as a whole have been rather quiet. Today, for example, the influences are hardly present at all. In the last few weeks, such quiet phases have happened more often, which was unthinkable 1-2 months ago. Is this the calm before a storm? The fact is that after such phases it tends to get really stormy and it is also a fact that we will have another ten-day series of portal days in July. For this reason, things will certainly get really stormy again soon. But until that happens, we should enjoy the current phase of calm, at least with regard to electromagnetic influences. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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Moon Constellations Source: https://www.schicksal.com/Horoskope/Tageshoroskop/2018/Juni/17

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