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new moon

With today's daily energy on July 17, 2023, a special new moon in the zodiac sign Cancer will not only reach us in the evening (at 20: 32 clock), but also a generally significant change, because the ascending moon account changes from the sign Taurus to the zodiac sign Aries and the descending moon node changes from the sign Scorpio to the zodiac sign Libra (Nodal Axis Change – Now Aries/Libra Axis). In this context, this axis also changes approximately every 18 months (almost a year and a half) and as a result always brings special changes with it. It is not for nothing that at this point one of the most significant changes that comes to us from an astrological point of view in the aforementioned period is often spoken of. The Aries/Libra axis that is now dawning is often described as a relationship axis, since it primarily asks us to bring harmony into our connections, i.e. to create a balance.

Ascending Lunar Node in Aries

Ascending Lunar Node in AriesThe rising moon note always embodies our future self or our goal in life, i.e. circumstances or even states of being that we want to manifest. It is about our coming time and the corresponding goals that must now be achieved. In the Aries zodiac sign, it is all about our power of manifestation. Aspects are now strongly triggered on our part, which in turn are associated with assertiveness and also our inner fire. After all, within the Aries zodiac sign, which always stands for new beginnings, something new wants to be created completely. We should therefore now integrate our creative Aries aspects, which will enable us to realize our dreams again. Likewise, this time will be very useful to free ourselves from heavy dependencies. Instead of being dependent on others, we take our own happiness into our own hands and start to create for ourselves, in a completely free and detached way, what we have always longed for deep down. Independence, self-realization and energy will determine the coming time. It will be about your needs.

Descending moon accounts in Libra

new moonThe descending moon accounts in turn stands for our past or for previous experiences. The Descending Lunar Node also addresses karmic patterns, old programming, early childhood trauma and other past structures. In the zodiac sign Libra, where things want to come into harmony (balancing the duals) and also an energy anchored in the heart should become manifest (heart chakra), it is all about making peace with our past. Inner conflicts or programming that is burdening us want to be solved so that we can move forward carefree. At this point one can also speak of making peace with one's own past, otherwise it will always be difficult to fully implement one's own self-realization. Nevertheless, the integration of the Aries aspects is in the foreground within the Aries/Libra axis, which is why it will primarily be about our own goals and desires.

New moon in Cancer

And beyond that, as already mentioned, the energies of the Cancer new moon reach us, which in turn is opposed to the Cancer sun. The new moon speaks to our sensitive, emotional and above all mental side with concentrated power and has an effect on our personal ties or our family longings and general topics. The water new moon can therefore make us extremely emotional and clarify a lot in our energy field in this regard. The moon itself, which generally appeals to our emotional sides and on the one hand goes hand in hand with the primal female energy, stands at the core for our emotional worlds. The Cancer zodiac sign also makes us generally much more sensitive or emotional and wants us to let our emotions out or rather the water energy flushes tensions, deep-seated/unreleased emotions and heavy energies out of our system. Today's new moon can therefore be extremely irritating and speak strongly to our inner child. So with that in mind, let's tune into today's new moon energies. Stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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