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Today's daily energy on January 17, 2019 is shaped by the moon, which in turn changed to the zodiac sign Gemini last night at 02:01 a.m. and has since given us influences that could make us in a much more communicative and inquisitive mood overall. An increased thirst for knowledge, especially in relation to fundamental knowledge regarding one's own spiritual origins (Background of our being – spiritual interest), is generally increasingly in the foreground in the current time of spiritual awakening, which is why this aspect could now be experienced more intensively (More and more people are questioning life, and more and more people are also becoming aware that they themselves represent the path, the truth and life - creators of their reality).

Increased heart opening?!

Increased heart opening?!An inner urge to deal with relevant information, to consider new approaches, to expand one's own horizons and, if necessary, to exchange ideas with other people, yes, to possibly get rid of corresponding intentions, all of these aspects can now be very present. But the communicative aspect will also be very important and will be responsible for the fact that we want to exchange ideas with friends and family about certain topics. We may also confide in someone and reveal our inner desires, ambitions or even current problems. Even if we reveal everyday things, i.e. situations and experiences that may seem “small” to us at first, they can greatly benefit our mental state. Ultimately, this can always be accompanied by a corresponding opening of the heart, especially if we previously kept ourselves very closed and kept corresponding views to ourselves due to our own fear. In this context, opening the heart is currently very much in the foreground. In this regard, I have often mentioned that for centuries humanity has experienced a circumstance that made it difficult to keep one's own mind and heart open, i.e. the collective heart energy was only flowing to a limited extent. Therefore, shadow-heavy and low-frequency circumstances prevailed, whereby we experienced states of consciousness that were extremely limited (or the collective state of consciousness only expanded very moderately or barely noticeably in a correspondingly harmonious direction). Ultimately, people like to talk about a subtle war that goes on in the background on the one hand and also revolves around our heart energy on the other (This process can be viewed from a variety of perspectives - heart energy is just one aspect - one could also speak of humanity freeing itself from self-created prisons and, as a result, rediscovering its own divinity).

The unmanifest frees you only when you consciously step into it. That is why Jesus does not say: "The truth will set you free", but: "You will know the truth and the truth will set you free." - Eckhart Tolle..!!

The situation is currently coming to a head and a corresponding opening of the heart, which in turn goes hand in hand with a much more empathetic nature, a certain impartiality and freedom from prejudice, is happening to a lot of people, despite chaotic external circumstances that can make this difficult to see. This process continues to deepen and we can experience an expansion of our own heart energy from week to week. Something similar happened to me last night when I was thinking about my family and suddenly realized how much I love these people who are close to me. I automatically imagined how I would tell my parents how much I love them or how I would hug them deeply and what a special quality of energy that would bring (What a special thing that is in itself, especially when it comes from your own heart). Somehow this was accompanied by very strong inner sensations and my heart area was “vibrating” very strongly (a very nice feeling), i.e. I felt how I felt this aspect differently and this in turn promoted the expansion of my own heart energy. Somehow, since this experience, I have even gained a completely different view of my surroundings, especially since these feelings/experiences/intentions, stored in my subconscious, are now brought to my attention during corresponding encounters. Friends, this is also an indication of this (At least I just want to speak for my life - on the other hand, our thoughts and impulses always reach other people, and the greater awareness of my own heart energies consequently also reached my mind), how much everything is currently coming to a head and, above all, how quickly we can fundamentally change our own states of consciousness in the current accelerated phase. So it remains exciting. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

I am happy about any support 🙂 

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