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daily energy

Today's daily energy on December 17, 2021 is mainly shaped by the influences of the third portal day within the current ten-day portal day series and therefore continues to give us strong energetic impulses and generally powerful energies. On the other hand, we are also being prepared for the coming full moon in the zodiac sign Gemini, which in two days, i.e. will become manifest on December 19th. So yesterday evening, at 21:45 p.m. to be precise, the waxing moon changed to the zodiac sign Gemini and the associated element of air.

Leave your make-believe world

daily energyAs we pass through the great portal, we are now heading directly towards the first frequency technical peak within this phase, basically even towards an extremely powerful full moon, which, inspired by the portal days, will lead us all into deep states of truth. And of course, the entire current phase could even be described as a single energetic climax, or rather it is the climax within this very turbulent year. It is the second year of the golden decade that set in motion an unprecedented, massive upheaval that severely affected the 3D system based on disinformation, shadows and darkness. Ultimately, the structures of the illusory world have become extremely dilapidated and shaky. The old world threatens to collapse at any time. It is suffering from irreversible instability, with the coming result of complete collapse. All current measures or all actions that put pressure only reflect their state under pressure, never forget that, recognize how they act out of their deep fear and as a result have to initiate strong censorship, restrictions and stressful circumstances. If the world's populations were asleep and the global awakening wasn't even remotely advanced, then none of this would matter, and we wouldn't be reported on. Then you wouldn't suppress relevant information with all your might, publicly pillory awake people and then the current harshness wouldn't take place either, then none of this would be necessary.

The big revelation is getting closer

The big revelation is getting closerBut the world is changing and many people are experiencing an ascent of their own spirit. The henchmen are therefore afraid of the great revelation, of the return of a fully awakened people, of the resurrection of a true civilization and, above all, of a comprehensive exposure of all their dark deeds, along with all the truths about the world and about the true core of humanity (his divine core). All their actions/actions are therefore based purely on desperation and trying to prevent the inevitable. The great revelation about the world is now completely surfacing; it can almost no longer be contained. The light is emerging more and more from the depths of unity, preparing us all for the coming fall of the great curtain. We have never been this close to revelation. And the current daily energies or the current portal days, along with the coming full moon, accelerate this process even further. It is a highly transformative phase that draws us all even more deeply into the energy of the new world and allows the revelation about the world to become manifest. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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