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Today's daily energy, December 17, 2018, continues to be influenced by the Aries Moon, which means we may continue to experience a more pronounced energy level (or pursue actions that through which we experience an increase in our own energy level). On the other hand, a certain spontaneity and a quick reaction to various circumstances could also be present.

Still influenced by the “Aries Moon”

MoonAt this point I would like to quote another section from the site astroschmid.ch, which describes the aspects of the Aries Moon very aptly:

“Lively body language and emotions. Fall into the house with the door. – With the Moon in Aries, you react quickly and decisively to every situation in life, speak directly, and sometimes jump into something too quickly and thoughtlessly without first considering the consequences for yourself and others. You think about it later. People with this Moon position are often spontaneous, impatient, hasty and emotionally impulsive. They love uncomplicated things and have a great need for independence and personal responsibility. The fulfilled Moon in is emotionally lively and fresh, it is open to new things and therefore feels youthful for a long time in life. He is an idealist who can make decisions quickly and without question and then follows his path with strong will. His will is influenced by his feelings; he expresses his feelings freely and honestly, just as they are. He has a good feeling for himself, knows how to keep his life exciting and yet he likes to help others. Many have nerves of steel.”

Ultimately, we could therefore experience a basic mood through which we in turn take on significantly more self-responsibility, gain our own creative power and consequently achieve the manifestation of our own goals (the striving for higher ideals and goals). Since there is currently an extremely special and, above all, “manifestative” quality of energy that generally prevails, this aspect could also become more pronounced overall. Especially in the last few months, weeks and especially days, we have incredible potential at our disposal and our own mental/mental development can be “raised” to a completely new level. So much is clearing up at the moment and due to the massive collective development, all boundaries are being broken.

The development of inner values ​​is similar to physical exercise. The more we train our skills, the stronger we become. The difference is that unlike the body, in the development of the mind there is no limit to how far we can go. – Dalai Lama..!!

Due to the daily impulses that reach us, some life circumstances, beliefs and convictions can experience a fundamental change. Well, last but not least, I would like to draw attention to my latest video, which was published yesterday evening and covers the topic of 5G. In this context, the video was also a personal concern for me, especially since it related to my last 5G article but there were some discrepancies. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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