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Today's daily energy on August 17, 2020 provides us with the influences of the Leo Moon, because the moon changed to the zodiac sign Leo at 07:35 a.m. (Self-confidence, optimism, joy of life, perseverance and warmth) and on the other hand from the energies that continue to feel very pulling towards withdrawal and relaxation. In this context, the last few days were very much characterized by a corresponding quality of withdrawal and were able to draw us very much into peace.

phase of withdrawal

Into the peaceOf course, on the one hand, the greatly increased temperatures and, above all, the associated solar influences will have favored this circumstance, i.e. the high temperatures literally forced us to recharge our batteries, go into nature, relax or even do beneficial activities. The sun's strong light pulses in turn increase our own frequency, affect our entire mind/body/spirit system and subsequently promote very strong internal healing processes (At this point I refer again to my last one Daily Energy Article, in which I pointed out the enormous importance and healing power of the sun), which is why corresponding moods are supported. But especially after the highly intense last portal day phase, in which an incredible amount was achieved and the intensity was enormous, we now felt energetic influences that triggered the opposite. I myself have already hinted at this in previous daily energy articles and felt myself continually being drawn into moments of calm and withdrawal. I certainly wouldn't have expected that I would take a seven-day break from one day to the next. At this point, there were no more daily energy items for exactly this reason. I myself in the seven days (except for two days when I put all my focus on creating an important presentation), completely withdrawn and just enjoyed the sun, the high temperatures, the peace and a return to my own inner center.

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I myself wasn't able to write articles, on the contrary, no matter what happened in the past few days, everything literally forced me into retreat (Incidentally, the same thing happened to some of my fellow human beings, you could literally see how everyone was pulled into relaxation or even asked to do so!!!).

In der Ruhe liegt die Kraft

Well, in the end, exactly such a withdrawal is always worth its weight in gold for our salvation or for our own inner center, because in this way we can “reset” ourselves, can regain new strength and can also recall past impressions, information, self-knowledge, Impulses and co. optimally integrate and process (There is strength in calm & especially in the current times when there is a real overflow of information and ESPECIALLY people are dealing with a flood of self-knowledge - collective awakening process), a return to one's own calm can be incredibly inspiring. In this context, I still feel this certain tendency to relax within myself and am therefore excited to see to what extent the mood will change in the coming week. From August 22nd we will again be in a ten-day portal day phase, who knows whether it will then turn into the exact opposite again. We can be excited. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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