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The daily energy of today stands for the creation of balance or for the creation of a free state of consciousness in which no more burdens prevail and dominate one's own mind. In this context, it is also about our own EGO-based control mechanisms, which are deeply anchored in our own subconscious and again and again our own reach day consciousness.

Let go of stress - create balance

Let go of burdens - create balanceUltimately, it is these EGO-based controls, these negativity-based programs that often prevent us from creating a positive reality as well. As far as that is concerned, as I have often mentioned in my articles, we humans are the creators of our own reality, the shapers of our own destiny. Everything that we have experienced in our own lives, everything that we have created so far, was a product of our own state of consciousness. Everything in existence is just spiritual in nature and based on our own mental imagination. Our actions then arise from this intellectual imagination, here we also like to speak of thoughts that have been realized on a "material level". Ultimately, there is therefore no supposed coincidence, everything is based much more on a principle of cause and effect and the cause of every experienceable effect is always of a spiritual nature. For this reason everything that happens in our lives is not a product of chance, but a consequence of our own thoughts, which we in turn legitimized in our own mind and then realized. If someone has health problems or is struggling with being overweight, for example, then this overweight is only a product of their own state of consciousness, a person who repeatedly legitimized an unnatural/unhealthy diet in their own mind. However, we often find it difficult to admit that we ourselves are responsible for all our own shadow parts, for all our negative aspects. In the same way, it is difficult for us to get rid of all these problems, because all these problems are anchored in our subconscious. There are countless, automatically running programs that repeatedly reach our daily consciousness, trigger us and subsequently trigger an inner imbalance. Ultimately, it is about reprogramming our own subconscious so that it is no longer occupied by negative programs, but much more by positive programs, beliefs and convictions.

Today's daily energy helps us to recognize and dissolve our own negative burdens. For this reason we should also ensure more balance today instead of continuing to remain in destructive patterns..!!

Today's daily energy stands for the creation of balance, for letting go of one's own burdens and above all for the restructuring of our own subconscious. For this reason we should also take advantage of today's daily energy and start recognizing our own negative programming and then start with its transformation. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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