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Today's daily energy on April 17, 2022 will be shaped on the one hand by the lingering influences of yesterday's full moon in the zodiac sign Libra and on the other hand, or mainly, by the energetically strong influences of Easter, because Easter or especially Easter Sunday essentially represents the resurrection of Christ consciousness (a pure, luminous, in harmony and above all a state of consciousness based on freedom, love, unconditionality, wisdom and divinity). The days before, i.e. Good Friday and Holy Saturday, again represented the old world in density, one could also speak of the great illusion - the spirit rooted in gravity and blinded, which in turn keeps the Christ consciousness suppressed. However, today marks the end of this oppression and subsequently stands for the luminous and, above all, never-dissolvable Christ consciousness (Divinity is always there and can be perceived/activated at any time).

The Resurrection of the Christ Consciousness

The Resurrection of the Christ ConsciousnessFor this reason, the energy of today also represents an overarching vibrational quality that has been becoming more and more intense for years or currently even feels like it is becoming more and more intense day by day and significantly determines the direction of the collective spirit. It is the energy of ascension, i.e. the energy of spiritual change, of returning to the divine and above all the energy for healing one's own self-image. Human civilization is gradually developing into a divine civilization and, as it continues along this path, sheds all shadows and other heavy structures. This primarily refers to structures that stand in the way of the maximum development of a divine self-image. But as I said, you yourself are the way, the truth and the life. Everything arises from oneself, just as everything is embedded within one's own reality. Ultimately, of course, one could also say that the Christ consciousness represents the way, the truth and the life. Accordingly, such a pure and luminous state of consciousness generally goes hand in hand with the healing of the world. It is a state in which we ourselves have become the masters of our own incarnation and have thereby entered our full creative potential. It is ultimately the condition that brings the entire world back into harmony and also paves the way for a true golden age. Diseases are no longer present/existent within such a healed state. Your own light body swings so high or rotates so quickly (our Merkaba), so that lower energies of all kinds no longer have any existence. In exactly the same way, this high-vibration state of consciousness goes hand in hand with the experience of divine abilities.

The pure power of the divine state

The pure power of the divine stateApart from the fact that we are permanently anchored in the state of creating new circumstances (We ourselves allow ideas to become lived circumstances - we can create anything and are constantly creating everything - this is the most basic and powerful ability that we pursue every day and that prevails in the innermost parts of every human being), highly magical and supernatural abilities stand out in particular (Abilities that arise because we no longer bind ourselves spiritually to earthly or heavy and material things). The aging process is reversed. Time as such no longer exists (100% anchored in the now, in the eternal and all-encompassing present). The physical body has such a high frequency field that it has become truly immortal/unbreakable. We can implement/materialize thoughts within an instant, we can teleport ourselves to any conceivable place and we can also transform material circumstances within the blink of an eye (Element transmutation – the transformation of one element into another). We have then truly realized our God Self and mastered the Ascension of Spirit/Creation. And it is precisely this completely ascended state that Christ and especially today should show us. We all have the potential within us to allow the holy state to return within us. Everyone has this potential and is capable of transforming their own life from density into pure lightness. Let us therefore use today's Easter day and visualize our true abilities. Everything is possible for us.

Special Easter promotion

Well, finally and independently of this, I would also like to point out a special Easter campaign today. This is ours Urquelle Diamant water filtration and refining system generally reduced by €200. With the code: Energie777 You get an additional €100 discount, so you can get the device for a total of €300 cheaper. Anyone who has been thinking about bringing the original source into their own home for a long time now is the perfect option. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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