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Today's daily energy article is coming with a slight delay. As far as that is concerned, today's daily energy is also characterized by personal responsibility. It's about that we now take responsibility for our own actions and become aware that no other person is responsible for our own problems, but everything that happens in our lives, is solely a result of our own state of consciousness, from which our own reality emerges.

Waning moon phase – take personal responsibility

Waning moon phase - take personal responsibility

In this context, there are still moments in our lives when we let other people influence us, whether consciously or unconsciously, whether in a positive or even a negative sense. We may doubt our own abilities and disregard our own inner truth, we may even doubt our own intuitive abilities and, as a result, deal very intensively with the world of thoughts of other people, ponder intensively on what other people have said. Whether it's accusations, denigrations, or even advice, we allow ourselves to be strongly influenced and then only think about other people's thoughts (we may even take something too much to heart). Nevertheless, it is important to know here that disparagements or even accusations from other people only reflect aspects of their own reality (what we see in other people ultimately reflects our own mental, egoistic or spiritual parts). For this reason, it is once again important that we take life into our own hands, make our own way and don't let that put us off too much. There is also a nice quote about this: “There is no right way but your own”. The moon is otherwise still in its waning phase + in the zodiac sign Aries. The waning phase of the moon lasts until July 23rd and favors letting go of one's own mental conflicts, possibly even conflicts that can be traced back to belittling or accusations from other people.

Each lunar cycle represents a special cycle in which we can manifest changes in our own reality again and again. Especially new moons help us to create something new..!!

On July 23rd another new moon arrives, to be precise the 7th new moon this year. As already mentioned in my last new moon article, a cycle that began on June 24th (last new moon) will be completed on this new moon day and will now once again show us our own mental + spiritual development, our own mental + spiritual progress as a whole becomes. For example, were you able to achieve your goals? Could you create something new, take a new direction in your life, give your life a new shine or even create a more harmonious state of consciousness? What has changed in this period of time?

It is only when you represent the change you wish for in this world that you realize that everything around you is also changing in this direction..!!

Are you better or worse than before? Remember that all of your sensations, that of your entire current life situation, is merely a reflection of your own inner state and ultimately serves as a teacher who in turn wants to teach you an important lesson. Therefore, do not sink into your own problems, but take responsibility for your current situation and initiate changes that will then steer your life in new directions. With this in mind, stay healthy, content and live a life in harmony.


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