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Today's daily energy on October 16, 2020 will be like yesterday Daily Energy Article addressed, characterized by a balancing new moon in the zodiac sign Libra. The new moon will reach its “full form” this evening at 21:35 p.m. Today we will feel the balancing influences of the Libra new moon, i.e. we will reach circumstances that are clearly characterized by balance and our own inner center.

New Moon in the sign of balance – Libra

Healing - NuemondIn this context, circumstances and situations can be revealed to us that make us aware of our own inner imbalance or even unfulfillment. The scales will show us everything that causes us to manifest a reality every day, which in turn is accompanied by disharmonious circumstances on the outside due to internal, unresolved conflicts. At this point I have often pointed out the main effect of the law of resonance, because the law of resonance allows us to experience/become true/attract what in turn corresponds to our self-image or our inner world - our overarching basic feelings. If we ourselves were 100% internally balanced, then we would experience circumstances on the outside that in turn reflect 100% balance to us, because the external world always PROVIDES AND CONFIRMS to us what we ourselves are. The 100% inner balance goes hand in hand with the mastery of one's own incarnation, i.e. on the one hand with the highest self-image - a godly/divine self-image and on the other hand, associated with this, with the overcoming of all low-frequency beliefs, beliefs, actions and behaviors , which in turn bind us to matter, aspects through which we allow ourselves to be kept mentally small and permanently poison our organisms. Illness, death, lack, suffering, imbalance, all of these are consequences of an unconscious, poisoned and limited mental state.

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In the coming true golden age, corresponding lack will no longer prevail, because this age will be accompanied by a paradise, which in turn is the result of people, or rather creators/gods, who have mastered their own incarnation and, as a result, their inner maximum fullness carry out into the world (Paradise merely represents a paradisiacal state of consciousness - if all of humanity were fully awakened and thereby overcome all system structures, then a new golden world would rise from the shadow of the old world). A divine state of consciousness also goes hand in hand with healing aspects.

Divine world

People respect, appreciate and promote nature and the animal world (close to nature). You live a life independent of all industries (especially since you, as a divine instance that has become manifest - a divine self-image, feel pulled away from everything, which in turn is accompanied by dependence, unnaturalness, artificiality, lack and burden), freed from self-imposed limits, blockages and, above all, freed from lower intentions and ambitions. Well, today's manifesting new moon will prepare us even more on our way towards balance, self-determination, independence and freedom and will show us even more possibilities in this regard (This always comes with the opportunity to overcome inner conflicts and deficiencies). Our inner scales want to find balance instead of constantly shifting weight to one extreme. Let us therefore be vigilant and perceive today's messages, communications and encounters particularly deeply. A special energy prevails. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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