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Dear ones, as I write these lines, I am with my friend in Hanover, sitting in her apartment and, in keeping with the current total energy storm, which has been going on for a few days, I am experiencing an extremely violent thunderstorm. Out of nowhere, lightning began to flash in the distance and a few minutes later there was a huge storm.

Energy storm

Energy stormIt's perfect that I'm writing the daily energy article at exactly this time and that I'm incorporating the energies of the impressive storm into the daily energy article as inspiration and clarification of the current extremely stormy situation. Well, in this context things continue to be very stormy and the massive shift that was registered by the Russian Space Observing Center in Tomsk (see picture below – Black Shift), illustrates this fact. As far as this is concerned, there has now been a total measurement failure, i.e. the measurements have not been updated since last night, which is highly unusual. Ultimately, this measurement failure will most likely indicate a massive energetic storm, which in turn is active in the background, dissolving old structures to an incredible extent and, on the other hand, catapulting us into the new at an incredible speed. In this regard, many of you within the community reported countless technical problems, a circumstance that also illustrates the strong energetic inflows, especially in terms of frequency. Well, at the end of the day we are still in one of the heaviest phases ever and the days are becoming more and more intense.Measurement data failure It is also becoming increasingly violent and the energies are pooling together to an unprecedented extent by the end of the year. It therefore remains extremely “exciting” and we can really look forward to the coming hours and days. Well, finally, at this point I would also like to quote an interesting text regarding the planetary resonance frequency from the Facebook group, – THE EVENT the NEW dimensions in LIGHT:

More than that 14.500 times from yesterday's VALUE let's enjoy these "MIRACLES"...
As some may have already noticed, the Russian site is having problems with their display of the Schumann Resonance Anomalies...the higher the deflections become, the more problems there are with measuring equipment.
We measure according to A.Bovis (French physicist) and will continue to provide measurements every day in the future
We have been tirelessly measuring the measurements/values ​​for the cosmic weather report of love every day for about 12 years,
in order to bring the idea closer to the “awakened” ones,
how valuable these frequencies are and how important it is
to adapt to
and to help those who are still “unawakened” to finally “wake up”
and to align your LIFE according to new aspects...
many daily hours of work and connection…

With this in mind friends, there is still extremely strong lightning and thunder here and it is precisely this magic that we will now indulge in. Stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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