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lunar eclipse

Today's daily energy on May 16, 2022 is mainly shaped by the energies of the total lunar eclipse and accordingly gives us an incredibly powerful energy quality. The total lunar eclipse takes place in the middle of the night, i.e. starting at 05:29 a.m., i.e. exactly at this time the moon in our Central European regions begins to turn red. The maximum is at 06:11 a.m Darkening of the full moon is reached and almost an hour later, i.e. at 06:53 a.m., the total lunar eclipse ends. For this reason, we are now in for a very transformative night (the night of May 15th to 16th), in which our own energy system is completely examined.

Total lunar eclipse – the energies in detail

lunar eclipseIn this context, eclipses are always associated with highly magical events that not only address what is deeply hidden in our own system, but also fundamentally illuminate our own soul. The deepest mental wounds, emotional connections or generally extremely deep emotions can show themselves to us. You are particularly receptive to all kinds of visions and massive self-knowledge through which we can manifest a completely new path in life. Visionary dreams are also possible around these days. On the other hand, the moon represents the unconscious or our hidden, intuitive and magical side, which is why, during an eclipse, our subconscious parts in particular (Subconscious – deep-seated programs) be addressed. Now extremely deeply anchored patterns are loosening. Letting go is the priority (Detachments from detrimental and toxic connections/relationships, whether this happens as a result of conscious decisions or whether it arises intuitively or completely automatically). It is not for nothing that lunar eclipses are always associated with fateful encounters or even fateful turns of events. And ultimately, this energy is generally greatly increased again, because this eclipse is accompanied by a full moon in the zodiac sign Scorpio. The water sign Scorpio always exudes the strongest energy quality and speaks to our emotional side in a very deep way. It is not for nothing that medicinal plants always have by far the highest energy density on full moon days.

Total Lunar Eclipse – What Happens – Synchronicity?

Total lunar eclipseWell, for this reason, this night will release a huge potential energetically and in the process loosen some fixed structures in the collective and of course in our own minds. The synchronous or rectilinear position of the sun, moon and earth also has a particularly strong effect on us and essentially represents not only the Trinity, but also balance, unity and perfection. A total lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth “pushes” between the sun and the moon, meaning that no direct sunlight falls on the lunar surface. The entire side of the moon that we can see is then completely in the darkest part of the Earth's shadow. The sun, earth and moon are then in a synchronous line, causing the moon to enter completely into the shadow of the earth. Well, today's total lunar eclipse marks a huge May event and is definitely the energetic highlight of this month. Today's blood moon will actually usher in a new cycle in our own lives. Regarding this, I would also like to quote an older article from newslichter.de, which unfortunately no longer exists on their site, but was still available in my own archive:

“A full moon is always the culmination of the sun-moon cycle. A lunar eclipse amplifies the effect of a full moon immensely. Eclipses come in cycles and always indicate completion or the pinnacle of development, coupled with a need to close, let go, or leave the past behind. A lunar eclipse is like a gigantic full moon. If the light comes back after the maximum darkening, nothing remains hidden - the bright full moon acts like a spotlight that brings light into the darkness.

What is a lunar eclipse?

During a lunar eclipse, the Earth moves between the sun and the moon. This can only happen during a full moon. Eclipses bring a blockage of light. They mark the seed moment of a new time, a new quality that wants to unfold and grow. The moon represents the unconscious, our intuition and instincts. A lunar eclipse has less of an external impact than a solar eclipse. When the moon eclipses, it affects our unconscious. We gain insights into hidden and split-off parts of the soul that can make us aware of our deepest fundamentals. That's why we can now become frighteningly aware of psychological complications, which can lead to ending unhealthy relationships. Lunar eclipses can certainly trigger family and relationship dramas. Eclipses bring fateful changes. We now have the opportunity to take our lives in a new direction.”

With this in mind, everyone enjoy today's lunar eclipse energies and open yourselves to these powerful transformation energies. Huge liberating qualities reach us. Stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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